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Our genuine 0-Heros

Stunning September SunshineSpain, why learn to Paramotor anywhere else

Congratulation to this weeks Neil, Paul, Phil and Terry, who not only completed all their BHPA Paramotor Club Pilot tasks but clocked up copious hours of airtime during their 0-Hero course. After some really successful ground handling by our lake side teaching site the boys took to the skies like naturals. 

Our 0-Hero Paramotor course is 9 days of intense tuition as we work our way through the BHPA syllabus at the end of which our students are both qualified and competent to return to the Uk and fly solo. 

The complete package

To complete our package we literatly offer everything under one roof. Whilst your training with us you can take advantage of our stock demos and try before you buy. Our online shop will allow you to buy whilst your with us making the most of our instructors help and advise. Your final order can then be sent directly to your door for when you return home. On top of all that we will give you £500 credit to use against ANY  course when you purchase a full kit package.

Spain, why learn to Paramotor anywhere else

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