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We get plenty of request as many other schools do for quad bikes and conveyor belts for the first couple of days of the Beginners elementary course. Sadly thats unlikely to change, but we have just bought a load of quality Gin Stuff bags so students can easily bundel and walk their gliders up the top of the hill. Our first weeks outing with the new bags brought us a lot of very positive feedback. 

It meant that our new December group of paragliding students could land on stuff the glider quickly into the gin bags and either carry themm up the hill or later in the week throw them into the van for another quick flight. I´d like to think the combination of great instructor team and our stuff bags and typical mix of great spanish weather resulted in a fab week of great Paragliding tution all done and dusted by Thursday!. Congratulations to Loraine, Emily, Mark, Matt, Ben, and Morten.

If you´re interetsted in any of our paragiding lessons or tuition weeks and courses pelase email us for more info. or see our calendar