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Gin Concertina Compression Bag Review

Gin Concertina Compression Bag ReviewFred’s hands on review of the Gin Concertina Compression Bag

Fred grabs Gin’s light weight Concertina Compression Bag and attempts the seemingly impossible. Faced with what appears to be an almighty task Fred is pleasantly surprised that he manages to pack his glider into this tiny bag with relevant ease.

Concertina bags are a great way to ensure you protect the leading edge of your glider and gives you the ability to pack your glider into a compact and neat package.

Gin’s Concertina Compression Bag is designed and aimed at lightweight gliders and comes in two sizes 2.7m and 3.0m. Gin have gone for the, often referred to, 50/50 design. 


Check out Fred’s review below on the FlySpain Youtube Channel:

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