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FlySpain Instructor helps kick off New Top Gear show this weekend

FlySpain Paramotor Instructor Ric Wormersley was hunted down for the chance to help out leading BBC show top gear in their new edition this weekend. Rics role to play a paramotor baddy chasing Friends Star Joey, Matt LeBlanc, across a Moroccon desert on his paramotor. 

Ric has been the main Instructor behind our popular Paramotor Courses and training here in Spain for the last htree years, so naturally any petrol head keen on seeing top cars driven by the best would naturally aside with Rics skills as one of the most talented Paramotor pilots and instructors currenlty flying in the UK today. The BBC Top Gear team  recognised his skills as do all Paramotoring students when they book on our Cp paramotoring courses that run twice a month here in Spain.

For more information on any of Paramotor courses and training dates and bookings over the next few months do check out our calender of events or our paramotoring training and holidays page. We now offer equipments delas on all courses if your buying a package of paramotoring gear ,delivered direct to your home. 

Learning to Paramotor is relatively easy, just two weeks courses here with us in Spain will gurantee. First you learn to paraglide over five days during one our Elementery paragliding courses then you do the Paramotor conversion course to follow. Prices include everything you need including kit hire and accomdoation, no hidden charges

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