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Fly, fly, fly.... and fly some more

Great start to the season

Our first paragliding tuition of the season has kicked off with a big groups of Elementary guys and girls all out here to learn to fly.

Following our usual excellent conditions, they had had pretty convincingly nailed their elementary pilot by end of Wednesday evening. Thursday morning found them up the top of Lijar making another round of high flights, unaided on radios making perfect landing approaches into the landing field. It just goes to show what a good environment and the right school can do when given consecutive days to teach.

Mega Popular courses

Our paragliding tuition abroad has been so popular over the last two years that we have begun running extra courses throughout October and November to deal with the new enquiries.

Qualifications you can trust

If you aim to qualify in the uk then look no further for the best BHPA paragliding school teaching in Europe. For more information about learning to fly or paraglidng lessons and tuition then
Use our enquiries page ....

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