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Epic Nepal Paragliding Tour 2019

"This year's trip to Nepal has been outstanding!

Pref flight briefing at Sirkot

We spent two weeks travelling across some of Nepal's more notable sites enjoying gentle and consistent thermals on the greatest flying sites along the Himalayas with cross-country possibilities for all piloting levels.

Everybody got to squeeze the 100% of their skill set and the experience doesn't end with the flying.

 The union of the group coming together was fantastic, the new friendships, the synchronicity, the jokes, the stories and the laughter. The beers by Pokhara lakeside at sunset, the bbq nights and morning breakfast at 7000ft in Sirkot with a sea of clouds down below it made for a truly stunning guided holiday.Post fight drinks and debrief

We made flight plans on the go, between sips of coffee, fun jeep rides to Diki Danda whilst enjoying the breathtaking view of Anapurnas 26500ft snowy peak before take off.

Of course, flying along the Green Wall with its jungle with its cheeky monkeys bouncing around, such an unbelievable experience.


Thanks to all the daring adventurous pilots which came along, you made it happen and you made it awesome! Namaste."

Pol Thomas, instructor & guide at FlySpain

Dave, One of the guests from the trip sent us an email :

Overall I would rate the trip as excellent and exceeded my expectations. This being largely the result of the diligence and expertise of Ivan and Pol.  Having led many expeditions, both military and civilian, I have an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of planning and execution of such taskings. Not only did Ivan and Pol, undertake the day to day organisation and planning with care, enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail, they also accomplished this with some style!    

Ivan's briefing style and command and control of pilots in the air was extremely effective and I believe instilled confidence at all levels and inspired pilots to push their limitations within the bounds of safety, which is a commendable attribute.

Notwithstanding, apart from the first night's accommodation the rest of the accommodation exceeded expectations and was very satisfactory. The period at Babu's at Sirkot was quite special and a highlight for me.

The food was great and provided a good basis for social interaction.  Landing out in the Galdaki valley

Probably the most dangerous part of the expedition was the bus journey from Bandipur to Kathmandu. HAHA ( every visit to Nepal would not be complete without a road journey- Ed;)

Rob's definition of 'mellow conditions' and mine remain at variance (!)  However, I feel privileged to have visited and enjoyed Nepal, flew in some spectacular locations, significantly improved my paragliding skill-set and felt extremely comfortable and safe with Ivan and Pol taking the lead on behalf of Fly Spain.    

I am seriously considering booking again with Fly Spain for Nepal 2020.

Thank you and very best wishes,

Dave Broatch 

So there you have it some fantastic memories, some great personal flying development and a super fun paragliding holiday tour to boot.

FlySpain runs many exciting trips to wonderful places across the world in our down time over winter, you are more than welcome to join us on one of our many other worldwide trips. See our calendar for where we are going next or if you want to join us for some equally great flying then try one of our guided trips in Spain.

Numbers are limited on these holidays, so if you would you'd like to get your name down for next year you can reserve your place in the pickup Landing field retrive avec beer

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