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Crisis or No Crisis...people still want to learn to fly Paragliders

Although the economy of most countries to all appearances seems fairly gloomy, it won't stop people realising their dreams and wanting Paragliding lessons. Now more than ever its important to get the most for your paragliding tuition investment. If you are going to get paragliding lessons, you must factor in fuel to the school getting in to the schools diary on weekends and of course the weather. Would it not just be easier to learn to fly abroad? What the new student never realises when they begin a course, that achieving consecutive paragliding lessons within a short period of time is all so often hampered by the British Climate.

08th February 2009

Hundreds of Flyspain students have already made the connection with learning to fly paragliders and training abroad. Six years ago we were a lone Paragliding School offering paragliding tuition abroad. Now we are a full time school teaching paragliding courses of all levels abroad in one of the best locations in Europe all year round.

 Lets face it Spain is synonymous with great weather and if you are looking to learn to fly paragliders or get lessons then you will save a load of time by learning abroad in an area reputed for its light winds and sunshine. Rob and his team have incredible experience of teaching abroad not just over ten years in Spain but further a field as well. FlySpain is the culmination of years of experience teaching abroad from New Zealand to our Spanish shores. As a full time British recognised and trained school with British instructors  teaching a style of flying that relates to your flying at home and abroad the combination could not be better.

 In an effort to combat the lousy exchange rate we have set a lower Sterling price on our tuition courses…. See you in the Sun!  

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