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A Fabulous paragliding winter so far...

A Fabulous paragliding winter so far...

All has gone exceptionally well and we’ve had some great feedback. See our testimonials from recent pilots for some real feedback on our paragliding lessons and courses here in Spain.

We’ve had BHPA school inspections give us glowing references having witnessed our teaching staff and paragliding flying environment. We’ve had top results all round for qualifying pilots. If you want to learn to paraglide in the UK or Europe then our best advice is not to waste time with paragliding lessons on frozen UK soil but head south for winter where we run paragliding courses, holidays and lessons, tandem tuition and guided holidays all year round. There is no better time to book onto a paragliding course or holiday.

Can't do winter paragliding then consider us for Spring paragliding

Next year we are adding extra paragliding lessons and courses to our calendar to allow more opportunity and flexibility to our ever popular calendar. Congratulations to all those pilots who have visited us since the beginning of September. If you are interested in paragliding lessons then please contact us via our calendar page or here [email protected]

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