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WANI is a reversible harness with self-inflating airbag designed to pair maximum lightweight construction with top passive safety.

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WANI is a reversible harness with self-inflating airbag designed to pair maximum lightweight construction with top passive safety. The geometry (belts system) is the same as the Haska harness, which has demonstrated an excellent balance between manoeuvrability and stability.

With WANI, the concept of reversibility has changed, diversifying the backpack from the harness. This new system considerably improves the aesthetics of the two parts as well as their functionality, because they are designed exactly for their task.

Carefully designed in every detail, WANI offers a container for an emergency parachute with adjustable volume and a zip bridle cover.

Self-inflating airbag
Reserve container with adjustable volume
Weight: 4.2 kg (size L = UK M)


WANI incorporates the concept of the self-inflating system developed for Haska, which consists of the use of a steel spring which does not serve the purpose of protecting from impact, but generates the force needed to expand the air bag and make it immediately ready for potential impact. This means that your protective capacities are at 100% before you even start your take-off run, and that they remain as such for the entire flight, until you fold up the harness to stow it in the rucksack. The spring also guarantees a consistent form for the airbag and therefore performance over long periods of time, in any humidity, temperature or prolonged storage in the rucksack.

Light weight and reduced volume (once the harness is folded) are two more advantages provided by the self-inflating spring system. This system combines the best characteristics of current protection systems (airbag and foam protection).

In order to prevent the pilot from coming out of the harness if he forgets to fasten the leg-straps, the WANI harness is equipped with the two most effective safety systems currently available - your choice of Get-Up or T-Lock.


In flight configuration, WANI has a spacious rear pocket, in which a backpack for transport can be stowed. You can place clothing and a camel-bak in the remaining space. Two pockets are provided on the sides of the harness: the left one in elastic mesh contains a practical radio port and the right one in elastic Lycra has a zip closure.

In backpack configuration, two large elastic Lycra pockets are provided on the sides: one of these is used for transporting telescopic poles. The hip belt has two pockets, both of these also in elastic Lycra, to hold small sized objects. One last pocket is positioned over the handle for backpack lifting.


This red with white lettering label is clearly visible in a pocket on the right shoulder padding. On the back of this label, you can write information that you think should be given to rescue workers in case of an accident.


Sizes: M, L, XL (like UK S, M, L) for sizeing always go a size up if your changeing brand of harnesses. there guide is online and on one our photos but they are typically a tight squeeze. Ask us if in doubt.

COLOR: Black-Blue, Black-Green, Black-Red


The Woody Valley foot stirrup can be fitted to all their harnesses. The relax-bar is used to keep the legs stretched out and the feet resting on a support. Some pilots consider this flying position more comfortable than the classic seated position with legs hanging. If your tall or long legged then they are a real bonus.


Woody valley offer an optional Pod styled leg cover, it will retrofit most models. The special cover is waterproof, vapour permeable fabric ensures protection from the cold and provides an improved aerodynamic profile.