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Sunglasses designed by paraglider pilots for pilots

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Two Style choices

Daytona – American beauty with generous space for a generous nose

Daytona is the result of several years’ work to make a frame with ample space around the nose, so your glasses won’t end up on your forehead if you are blessed with a wide or high nose. The result exceeded all expectations and is currently our best seller. Velodrom Daytona slides in place and fits tight against the cheek even on those with a masculine nose.

Hector — French angular elegance

When we created the new 2016 style Hector, we wanted to repeat the success of our latest style Daytona. The accomplishment of Daytona was a unique way to create more generous space around the nose in order to fit customers with broader or higher bridge of their nose, while still fitting tight around a slender nose. The tight fit is obviously important because the most important of the Velodrom qualities is to keep the wind out of your eyes. This is done by leaving no gap between glasses and skin around your nose and inner corners of your eyes. Hector does just that, but the design is more angular in a classic French way. Hector has become our own favourite style of 2016.

Velodrom Bifocal

For those who need a little help to “see the fine print”, Velodrom Bifocal glasses come to your rescue. In action sports, you don’t have time to fiddle with reading glasses, and Velodrom Bifocals come with the power already in place. Just glance down at your map or instruments and the near world turns sharp and clear. Read more under the tab “Bifocal”.

Protect your glasses

 Grab our new hard case that stores your glasses safely also when they bounce around or get squeezed in an unfriendly environment. This case is specially designed to fit Velodrom sport glasses with a minimum of unnecessary extra volume. Made of metal covered with elegant leatherette.