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Understanding the sky is a store of knowledge from 20 years of flying sport aircraft. If you've ever wondered why the air behaves as it does, this book is for you. The greatest emphasis is on small-scale effects--exactly where we fly. Details are provided on everything from turbulence to thunderstorms.

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Any new or experienced paraglider pilot embarking on paragliding lessons or a course should not be without this valuable paragliding weather book.
Soft cover book - Understanding the Sky - A sport Pilot's Guide to Flying Conditions
For Paraglider and Hanglider pilots, balloonists, radio control modellers, microlight and sailplane & glider pilots.
The chapters on lift sources and flying efficiency alone are worth the price of this book.
A guide for: • Learn the cause and behaviour of the wind • Gain knowledge of lift patterns and types • See how thermals are formed and act in the air • Unlock the mysteries of sea breezes and other local effects • Become expert at judging thunderstorms • Discover the secrets of turbulent air • Many more details including; cloud streets, heat fronts, trigger temperature, cloud types, inversions, convergence, wave, cloud and thermal height, soaring breezes, etc.
Understanding The Sky is your key to complete comfort in the air.
6" x 9" (15 x 22.5cm) format, 200 pages, 140 illustrations, 33 photos, four-color cover