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Supair Start A simple well designed reserve parachute, easy to pack, and extremely stable.


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  • Sink rate below 5.5 m/s at maximum load ( tests and measurements made at an independant test center )

Gear / comfort 

  • Main bridle computerized automated stitching
  • Pull-down Apex dome design with two colors to facilitate packing
  • 28 cm Polyester riser bridle ( load test 2.500 DaN ), longueur 28 cm


  • Dominico cloth – high strength PA 6.6 – 33 dctex 40 g/m2
  • Liros suspension lines 10150-0450


  • EN 12491
  • LTF 91/09


Weight1750 g2150 g
Surface area31.16 m²38.94 m²
Gore number1618
Tested minimum Total Hooking Weight (Total flying weigth without the glider)70 kg
Maximum Total Hooking Weight (Total flying weigth without the glider)100 kg125 kg
Width (L)24 cm26 cm
Backpack depth (I)25 cm26 cm
Height (H)11 cm11 cm
Volume6.6 L7.5 L
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Supair Start reserve Manual

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