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EIKO 2: The Featherweight, Mountain-All-Terrain Wing, For All Hike&Fly Enthusiasts

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  • mountain sailing with a variable program depending on the chosen surface. for all types of profiles looking for a serene, precise and efficient flight.
  • The eiko2 is the light and compact all-terrain light wing. choose your program!
  • If the EIKO2 is above all a mountain wing , due to its lightness and stability , it is at ease on rural backdrops and thermal skies, calm flights in the morning or at sunset.
  • The Eiko2 provides rapid support and provides reassuring efficiency: ideal for progress thanks to its adaptability and its all-terrain character. It is aimed at a wide range of practitioners : the large sizes are less demanding while the small surfaces are intended for pilots who like tight trajectories and high speeds.
  • The Eiko2 accompanies you for a long time in your progress and will help you to become a better pilot. She is reassuring and forgives a lot while giving the keys to improve.
  • Playful, easy to access, reassuring : a safe and light wing. Efforts to design and choose materials have sought to lighten it… without taking anything away from it. Gain weight without losing qualities.
  • Based on our recognized school wing, the Eona, the Eiko2 refines and refines its positioning as a lightweight all-terrain wing .
  • Lightness and adaptation.Playful, easy to access, reassuring, the EIKO 2 keeps only the essential: the pleasure of flying.


  • Beginners and leisure pilots, or experienced pilot according to the PTV
  • Launch on foot or with a winch


  • Ergonomic risers
  • Sharknose Profile
  • Ears kit


  • Extrados fabric: Porcher sport
  • Underside fabric: Dominico 10 D
  • Partition fabric: Porcher Sport
  • Reinforcement fabric: Porcher Sport
  • Upper & intermediate lines: Edelrid
  • Lower lines: Edelrid


  • Standard EN 926 – 1 and 2 and LTF 91/09 – Class A, B or C


  • EIKO 2 veil
  • Trek bag 25/30 L
  • Inner bag
  • Sail support pins
  • ultra light accelerator
  • Manual (USB key)
  • Pouch with repair kit

Category: EN-A, B or C depending on size
Weight: 2.45 kg in 19

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