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Glider package chooser

So many options, so many combinations, well we've simplified the groups into a customiser tool where you can pick and choose mixes of harnesses and wings to get a feel for price and combos.

They split into First wings EnA gliders, the entry level EnB category for those pilots aiming to fly more midweek in their first couple of years and entry level lightweights. Some of these wings share lots of categories, the fuller list is on our website to read up on but we hope this helps.

En A starter package photoFirst Wing packages

Choose from the best high-end A gliders available on the market, not only will they look after you at home, they'll allow you time to experiment abroad in more fruity conditions and be forgiving when you've had some winter time off. 

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En B starter package photoEasy Intermediate package

A winning selection of the more sportier gliders aimed at pilots who have more than just occasional weekends to fly. They offer a little more zing and glider performance than the A Cat. In return, they need a little more practice on the ground too!

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Lightweight package photoLightweight Pilot package

See our  range of very exciting new lightweight gliders  and harnesses that offer fun handling and niche performance.

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Lightweight package photoParamotor Pilot package

See our great selection of wing and engine combinations

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