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Ultra versatile. Ultralight: The ARAK AIR is the most versatile glider in our model range

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ARAK AIR - Ultra Versatile. Ultralight.


  • The ARAK is the most versatile glider in our model range and has made a name for itself as a real “multi-tool”: The ARAK is easy to handle and immediately inspires confidence. Its performance enables flights beyond the 300 km mark and its handling invites playful flying of any kind. The special edition of our multitool brings all these features to an ultra-lightweight level: The ARAK AIR combines the concept of the ARAK with the technology of our X-ALPS wings! At only 2.9 kg, the ARAK AIR’s weight is not only reduced by 30%, its packing size is also considerably smaller, so the ultralight glider fits into even the smallest backpack. This exclusive combination makes the ARAK AIR the perfect glider for all pilots who like to fly X-Alps-style and who want to rely on the passive safety of an intermediate glider.


  • Jet Flaps 

  • 3D Shaping 


  • Rigid Foil 


  • 3D-Shaping


  •  Mini Ribs


  • Shark Nose


  • Automatic Sand Release System 


Technical Data



Colours : Available in two Colors : White or Orange 











  • Our ambition was to design an easy-to-fly glider with high performance potential that is ultra-lightweight and very small to pack at the same time.
  • The basic concept of the ARAK AIR is the same as the ARAK and it is manufactured with the same lightweight technology of our X-Alps gliders.
  • The innovative TX-Light fabric, used on the heavily stressed leading edge, offers an excellent compromise between lightness and robustness.
  • On the rest of the canopy the very light 10D material is used. The 10D has a very good aging resistance despite its extremely low weight.

Flying Behavior

  • The lightweight materials greatly simplify launch behavior. In the air, the ARAK AIR offers a lot of comfort due to its smoothness, making it very easy to handle.
  • The canopy gives excellent feedback and builds confidence right from the start, so you can focus on the essentials even in the most demanding conditions.
  • The compact ultra-lightweight intermediate allows the control of any bank angle with ease, so you will always find the best position in weak thermals as well as in rough lift.
  • Team pilots Oliver Teubert and Kilian Hallweger, who took 1st and  2nd place in the German cross-country championship (DHV-XC) in the standard class with the ARAK 2019, showed that the ARAK series has enormous performance potential.
  • The ARAK AIR lets you easily exploit the potential thanks to its simplicity.
  • If you want to fly adventures like the X-Alps athletes, but are looking for a glider that is a little easier to handle in everyday life, then the ARAK AIR is your choice!
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