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Ex school unit, under 40 hrs airtime

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was £4,600.00

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Miniplane Top 80 - Classic

Model - Latest

Prop - 125 wood

Engine size - 80 cc

Pilot suitability - up to a pilot weight of 85 kg on a standard glider

Colour - Blue Frame

Harness - Dudeck Comfort with possible right side reserve pocket

Condition - Good

Any Damage - None, net and hoop are all good, prop is in good condition.

This design of paramotor has been around for 21 years, its been tweaked copied but never replicated, It's famous for being the most reliable engine of the market, the most fuel-efficient 2 - 2.5 litres per hour, low vibration, simple and reliable to start.

This model comes with an upgraded harness, a tac & wooden prop.