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Our main innovation is the unique torque compensation. It is the obvious difference between the SCOUT and other paramotors. Something you see at first sight and you feel on the first flight.  This is a game-changing innovation.

Unique Dynamic Torque Compensation (Patent pending).
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Big things come in small packages

Geometry is the key behind the amazing feel of the paramotor.

All those little details that are so important for the feel in flight. Propeller perfectly vertical and close to your body, for maximum thrust and minimal gyroscopic effect

The outer ring section and airfoil shaped spars are completely removable and it will only take you 5 minutes to put together. Once fully disassembled the full cage fits into the cabin sized cage-bags. This way your SCOUT will fit literally any transport , even a small sized city car.

Take it anywhere with you

Are you travelling somewhere? Make sure you pack your SCOUT and take it  with you wherever you go because it is the perfect companion for your trips. No matter what kind of transport you choose.
​Full Carbon cage or Enduro cage?

True carbon fibre – light and strong. Reinforced with very light balsa wood and Kevlar fibers.

revolutions increase suddenly right after start up, this device will instantly turn the engine off. This prevents prop strikes and bad injuries while starting the motor.

Choose your Engine 

The new EOS 100

Lightweight & compact construction
The very light engine is built small, nicely and compact with the use of only highest quality materials. Well manufactured in all details by the use of most modern techniques with a smart constellation of components which are perfectly working together.
Optimum operation
The engine is easy to start up, with a smooth and constant run at idle. The well adjusted carburetor together with the unique HIFLOW-SHOT air box care for an even run in all revolutions. Perfectly balanced crankshaft, fly wheel and shafts care for a low vibration. The fan cooling prevents the engine against overheating and allows long duration runs at full power.
Power & thrust
Considering the small size and very low weight, the moderate compression ratio for a durable and long life span, the small displacement, the engine gives an optimum thrust and astonishing power.
Reliable quality
The well proven engine concept and the use of highest quality materials and components, the best workmanship and accurate engine assembly, all grant for a highest quality product and reliable engine run throughout a long period of operation.
EOS 100 - lightweight & reliable power

Moster 185. Light, strong, versatile

The structure of the engine Moster 185 is simple, streamlined and compact (ideal and easy for control operations and maintenance). The complete weight of the engine is 13.4 kgs in pull starter version, the installation "plug&play" is very fast and simple on every cage. The cooling of the thermal group is secured by propellers with dedicated profiles and exclusively designed for the Moster in direct trasmission with the crankshaft. The compatibility of these propellers is guaranteed for the Classic, Silent or Plus versions.

Vittorazi has also developed, for use in hot climates or other specific uses of the enegine, such competition, a special cylinder head covering designed for this engine. This allows to significantly increase the cooling, reducing the operating temperature.

The motor develops a power of 25 hp at 7.800 rpm, (Vittorazi agrees to communicate the values ​​of power, weight and static thrust in accordance with the actual values ​​measured) and is particularly suitable for a weights pilot + paramotor or trike between 100 and 160 Kgs (200 to 350 pounds). The engine`s not been studied for the tandem use or for a take off weight over 160 kgs. The thrust is regular, smooth, gentle up to reach 75 kgs (165 pounds) with a 130 cms (51 inches) propeller or 70 kgs (155 pounds) with 122 cms (48 inches) propeller. 

The motor starts on the ground or during the flight in unique way considering the capacity 185cc and avoid the installation of the decompressor valve. The vibrations are almost imperceptible on every speed, while the distribution of the weights and the dimentions of the motor, reduce the torque effect given from the propeller.

The motor has been studied for getting a limited noise, attenuated by airbox, from the belt transmission, from a good silencer in carbon fiber and from the choice of the best propellers. The consumption of this motor is about 4,5 liters / hour considering a cruise flight.

Thanks to the specific Walbro/Vittorazi diaphragm carburetor, the motor maintains a constant engine idle speed, also changing the inclination in flight or in preparation to the take-off. The Moster 185 cannot be mounted upside down or rotated of 90°. It can also be supplied with extractable and interchangeable pulley, so can be used with different measures of propeller. It is available with components optional in carbon fiber, chromed or anodized.

Moster185 plus. The smallest and most powerful engine in its category.

With the latest addition to the Moster range, Vittorazi introduces a further innovation and offers the best value for weight, power, thrust, comfort, quietness and reliability available on the market. 
The main added value of this new version is given by the clutch.

This integrated device significantly reduces vibrations at idle speed and it increases safety during pre-flight routine (propeller at rest). The vibrations are almost imperceptible at all engine speeds, while the weight distribution and the size of the engine minimize the torque effect.

The other notable improvement has been achieved with the introduction of the new exhaust system, extremely quiet and performing at the same time. The entire engine has been designed to obtain the minimum noise emission, which is attenuated by the air box, the transmission belt, a special "Db-killer" silencer, and the choice of the best propellers.

The "soft starter system" (3S) is one of the new advantages. It is a manual start system that allows the engine to start,  both in flight and on the ground, with a single pull through the use of only one hand.

The Moster185 plus structure is basic and simple and it has a compact design (ideal and easy for control operations and maintenance). The total weight of the engine is 14.2 kg in the manual start version. The "plug & play" installation of the engine is quick and easy. The cooling of the thermal group is secured by propellers with dedicated profiles and exclusively designed for the Moster. Tthe compatibility of these propellers is guaranteed for the Classic, Silent or Plus versions.

Vittorazi has also developed, for use in hot climates or other specific uses of the enegine, such tandem or competition, a special cylinder head covering designed for this engine. This allows to significantly increase the cooling, reducing the operating temperature.

The engine develops a maximum power of 25HP at 7,800 RPM. Vittorazi agrees to communicate the values ​​of power, weight and static thrust in accordance with the actual values ​​measured.

It is recommended for a total weight of pilot + paramotor or trike ranging from 100 to 160 kg. The thrust is smooth and linear up to 75 kg with a 130 cm propeller (70 kg with a 122 cm propeller).

The fuel consumption of this engine, significantly reduced, is about 4.0 liters/hour considering a cruise flight.

Pollini Thor 190

The great success achieved with the Thor paramotor engines hasnt stopped the research and development of the Polini Motori technical department. Light, reliable, compact and powerful here it is the new range of Polini Thor 190 Light engines: three different models that among them stands out the new one with centrifugal clutch.
Its a two stroke 193cc engine, with really reduced weight of 13,2 kg, transmission with belt gearing-down, compact dimension but powerful. It has been designed to meet the needs of the pilots who are willing to use a really performing engine of reduced weight. Project and approval required many tests and many hours of flight to grant the best performance and safety requirements. For the most exigent pilots a model with electric starter and a model with centrifugal clutch and flash starter are available. 

Polini Thor 190 engine features advanced technical solutions; dimensions, power torque ratio, reduced vibrations, performance of climb, innovative and compact design, but, above all, everything has been studied to grant the best weight-power ratio, studying every single part in order to reduce its weight. 
Belt transmission with 2,83 reduction ratio. To reduce vibrations a new crankshaft with distributed and optimized rotating weights has been designed for this specific transmission system. In order to resist to the belt strength, a special bearing has been housed on the transmission case side. It can stand a transversal load 10 times higher than the standard roller bearings. It lets the belt have a constant stretch. 
The power unit with 193cc displacement, 64mm bore and 60mm stroke, is cast in light alloy. It offers the maximum performance with 27 hp power at 7400 rev/min. even at the maximum working temperature. The cylinder liner has a nickel-chrome coating for the best piston sliding. The piston is gravity die-cast in light alloy at high silicon content with 2 chromed and nitride steel rings.
The exhaust system is completely hand made for a better product quality. The muffler has been designed to achieve a compact design, contained dimensions and to reduce its weight. The reduced overall dimensions improve the aerodynamic and grant a low noise level. 
The forced air cooling system grants a better air cooling, optimizing the performance and maintaining fixed- temperature. 


Aero Cors-Air USA LLC is proud to introduce a new and more powerful version of The Cors-Air engine line, The Black Bull for 2018.
This engine was designed for those pilots who want even more power, shorter take-off runs and  very high climb rates.
The  new version of the Cors-Air Black Bull can be used for foot launch PPG, PPG Trikes, Delta Trikes, ultralight airplanes and UAV (DRONES)
This new powerplant is lighter than the older version  and compared to other brands of engines in its class,  it is sturdy, reliable and user friendly, just as the rest of the Cors-Air Motors engines.
With many tests on the bench and in the air,  flown by well known PPG pilots and test pilots,  in the harshest and most "unfriendly" environments,
the  new  version of the Cors-Air Black Bull  2018 passed all the tests with flying colors.
The  very first   Black Bull engines left the factory in Italy by the end of November 2015 and ever since, we did not hear from a single pilot who regretted buying this mighty powerplant!
After these years, it was a bold and logical step forward to imporve this powerful engine even further. This is how the new Black Bull 2018 version was born.
The new 2018 Black Bull is the most powerful engine in our "fleet" which consists of Cors-Air M19/Black Magic, Black Devil LIGHT and Black Devil LIGHT/SPORT.

The SCOUT Enduro  is now available with one the most powerful paramotor engines around.  We have tested the polini 250 for more than 30 hours in flight with all its 36+ horses.
It flies great has a lot of torque and our dynamic torque compensation works with this engine just like with the other.  Combine the SCOUT Enduro with this engine a 3 blade prop. and you will have a top of the class paramotor for slalom and competition flying. The polini 250 come s in two variations: Polini thor 250, Polini thor 250 dual spark.

Ploini Thor 250 Dual spark specifications:

Polini Engine: 2 stroke monocylinder
Cooling:  Liquid cooled
Power             36,5 HP at 7500 R.P.M.
Carburetor      Polini PWK
Ignition 1         Electronic
Ignition 2        Electronic with battery
Starting           Electric starter + pull start with self winding cable FLASH
Clutch             Centrifugal in oil bath
Engine weight    18,5 Kg (19,5 kg with electric starter)