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The revolutionary new Zenith, if you´ve the budget and want best the paramotor world has to offer then look no further. The world’s first CNC-machined paramotor with enhanced chassis geometry and in-flight manoeuvrability. Strap on the new Zenith and suddenly, it’s clear.

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Feel the performance, manoeuvrability and comfort.

Instantly recognisable as a Parajet, the Zenith is a unique and singular design statement. Good design, however, is not just about form; it is also about function. We achieve this through our unmatched precision manufacturing and consistency in production. We’re used to creating products that change the Paramotoring world but with the Zenith we’re not only bringing a new flying experience to pilots, we’re delivering an innovation, honed to be more efficient and more practical.

The Zenith offers exceptional dynamics and performance combined with an engaging flying experience. Its high strength and rigidity improves the Zenith's power-to-weight ratio. The engine and fuel tank have been positioned to create superior airflow, reduced wind resistance and increased fuel efficiency while offering the best possible thrust line and in-flight manoeuvrability so precise, that it feels like an extension of your body.


The revolutionary new Zenith

The world’s first CNC-machined paramotor with enhanced chassis geometry and in-flight manoeuvrability.

Strap on the new Zenith and suddenly, it’s clear. A paramotor manufactured by robots to give unrivalled precision and consistency in its production, coupled with launch and in-flight geometry so precise, that it feels like an extension of your body.

The new Zenith is the future of paramotoring and capable of so much more than you ever imagined. A revolution in paramotor design and engineering, the all new Zenith is the world's first paramotor to be made entirely from CNC-machined parts ensuring unrivalled precision and consistency in its production. With no welds in its construction, this benchmark in paramotor manufacturing allows all Zenith spare parts to be plug-and-play; each quickly replaceable and fitting perfectly allowing you to be back in the air within minutes.

The Zenith's unique chassis has been designed to create exceptional dynamics and efficiency combined with an engaging flying experience synonymous with Parajet. The compact chassis, engine and fuel tank have been positioned to create a minimal 'footprint' directly behind the pilot, resulting in superior airflow, reduced wind resistance and increased fuel efficiency while offering the best possible thrust line.

Lightweight Chassis Less weight, more strength

Traditionally lighter paramotors are weak and lack the ability to do powered forward launches, while stronger paramotors are heavy and cumbersome. In contrast, the Zenith's revolutionary lightweight chassis design incorporates enhanced engineering to give it high strength and rigidity while making it compact and aero-efficient. The Zenith's chassis innovation not only improves the overall power-to-weight ratio but also results in eye-catching aesthetics.

Ergonomic Weight Distribution exceptional comfort on the ground

The Zenith's chassis design has been intelligently packaged with Parajet's lightweight harness which ergonomically fits to the pilot keeping the paramotor closer to the back and redistributing the weight more evenly across the centre of the back offering increased load stability resulting in less strain and fatigue during launch. The end result is that the Zenith is ultra-efficient in the air and easy to handle on the ground.

Industry Leading Design The little details that make the big picture.

Every paramotor we build, every innovation we create, embodies Parajet's unique character. Our designers work side-by-side with a world class team of pilots to understand, hone and extend the complexities of paramotor design. We feel that the Zenith represents the best translation from desire, through concept, to production. With each revolution comes progression and the Zenith is the next giant leap.

Aerofoil Cage Launching is no longer a snag

The Zenith's aerofoil cage offers superior airflow and aerodynamic styling while incorporating a unique sleeveless netting design. The distinctive cage extrusions work like a boat mast, so that the netting sits in the ring itself. The resulting ultra-smooth surface of the outer-ring allows wing lines to come up easily during a forward launch, reducing snagging that often results in a failed takeoff. This design has lead to a minimalist look that is very aerodynamically efficient.

'Swan-Neck' Pivot Arms Weight-shift without the low hangpoint draw backs.

In flight, the Zenith's adjustable 'swan-neck' pivot arms improve comfort and manoeuvrability giving the pilot precise and responsive handling through weight-shift. The thrust line has been worked on for two years by our world leading team pilots to give the ultimate low hang point machine.The Zenith has not got the normal swing or rocking motion found in low hang point paramotors when throttle is applied. The Zenith pivot arm system gives the pilot fast and active response to the wing.

Parajet Hinge Blocks Safety built in

The Volution was a breakthrough in safety for low hangpoint pivot arm machines, due to the unique design that when the paramotor is assembled, the cage securely retains the pivot arm pin. On the Zenith we wanted to acheive the same safety. The pivot arms on the Zenith are secured to the chassis using an interlock system for improved safety and construction. This unique locking system does not allow the Zenith to be securely put together unless all the components are carefully clipped into place. This amalgamation of comfort, safety and precision allows you to be in unison with the Zenith and experience a new dimension of flying.

Ergonomic Offsets Unobtrusive, responsive and safe

The offsets for the Zenith do away with bulky metal-on-metal shackles. Instead the Zenith uses sleek, unobtrusive offsets manufactured from aluminium billet and secured to the pivot arms using two bolts. The harness is directly attached to the pivot arms via a steel pin, secured at both ends for added safety and giving the Zenith the ultimate feel of responsiveness.


Quick Release Fuel Tank Security never looked so good

With its quick release feature and eye-catching carry handle, the Zenith fuel tank has been design with practicality in mind. Fuel tank attachment uses a bayonet-style locking pin that is extremely safe and easy to use. The strength of the pin comes from the design of the locking mechanism itself. To disengage unintentionally either the pins must break or the sleeve into which the connector slides must be distorted or torn enough to free the pins. This solution offers not only peace of mind in the air, but is practical out on the field.

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