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The Volution 3 is pure Parajet: the culmination of all the experience gained through our pioneering design, engineering innovation and paramotoring expertise.

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Our latest generation of Volution paramotor respects its heritage without being a slave to it. Before we thought about what enhancements we wanted to include in our latest paramotor, we thought about what you might want to get out of it. Through a series of refinements, we were able to improve the geometry and flight characteristics. It’s a subtle change, but it makes a dramatic difference.

You feel it the moment your feet leave the ground. You’ll notice how balanced it feels, yet responsive for those more dynamic pilots. That’s because everything about it is the result of careful consideration. Every improvement serves a purpose. And the sum of it all is the most refined Volution ever. Exhilarating to fly and easy to take with you wherever you go.

Choice of 9 engines

From top 80 to Thor 250 with electric start, the price varies hugely so best enquire as to what you want.

New 4-Part Aerofoil Cage

Optimised to be more compact and transportable The unique connection system enables you to assemble the paramotor within seconds so that you spend more time in the air doing the thing you love, than on the ground. The smooth aerodynamic aluminum design makes the V3 look as good as it flies. And the V3 wouldn’t be a Parajet without gorgeous, hard-to-choose-from colors to add your individuality to its look.