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The Easy GPS version of the CoMo gives you all the normal functions associated with a vario, but also throws in your Position, Speed over Ground, Compass and Glide Angle! The picture shows Chrigel Maurer testing the CoMo...

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£360.00 inc. VAT

With an impressive 140 hours of GPS operation possible with 2 batteries, the CoMo sets a new standard as regards battery life. Most other Alti-Vario-GPS units last for around 10-40 hours with one set of batteries (or battery charge).

This new, modular expandable flight instrument series from Renschler, sets new standards.

The CoMo was designed with user friendliness in mind; each function on the display has its own adjustment key. This eliminates faulty operations to a large extent.

An on-screen text display helps let the new user forge a rapid familiarity with the CoMo - even GPS functions are arranged to be easily understandable. The freely programmable flight profiles represent a new innovation - one can switch to a specific flight mode such as thermal flying, valley traversing or Acro. The elegant and robust aluminium housing, the clearly arranged, high-contrast screen, as well as the glove-suited keyboard with the Rotary adjusting knob, which can be adjusted easily, make a true piece of art from the CoMo.

In the CoMo our entire experience from 22 years of manufacturing flight instruments with solar supply makes it one of the best and most economical flight instruments on the market, in particular in combination with one of our add-on modules.

The CoMo is the answer to the question: Why doesn't every free flight pilot (even beginners) fly with a GPS, since ground speed is a function with great safety implications for all pilots? The reason is that the high battery consumption of a standard GPS (usually only 10-20 hours with one battery set) make GPS on a normal Vario impractical. The CoMo sets a new precedent; 140 hours of operation with just 2 AA batteries is possible!! This means that the average pilot will be able to fly several seasons with just one battery set! Operation is simple, since the ground speed is clearly indicated after switching on."