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The VARIO SD is the ultimate flight instrument specially built for pilots who do not need navigation functions.

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£169.00 inc. VAT

The new FLYMASTER VARIO is the ideal instrument for Leisure flights, with the high sensitivity ULTRASENSE variometer.

The NEXT TO CLIMB INDICATOR, or buzzer, is the feature you can’t miss in any flight, particularly in weak conditions.

The VARIO is a totally new instrument reengineered from the top instruments of the Flymaster range, from which it inherits the new architecture, including for example the new main board and the display with its new protection.

As with the other products of the new range, the VARIO allows pilots to design their own multiple screens, with the new FLYMASTER DESIGNER software.

With the user friendly DESIGNER, every pilot can enjoy designing any screen he wants, each with the data he wants, placed where he wants, in the size he wants!

No more complaints about small figures: everyone can set them  to their favorite size!

And every pilot can set up all the tricks they want for each flight condition and personal preferences! Brilliant!

The structural design of the VARIO casing makes it far sturdier than the previous B1-Vario and provides high strength protection of the screen against scratches and breaking.

The Flymaster VARIO “won’t miss a thermal” in leisure and cross-country flights, ensuring the best value for money on the market.

The B1 is based on Flymaster F1’s proven technology, providing the pilot with an extremely sensitive and accurate variometer, which will detect even the weakest of thermals, giving you the edge above the rest of the gaggle.

Amongst many features the B1 has a real time altitude plotter, 3 altimeters. It can store over 1600 flight log records, with altitude logs on a second by second basis up to 200 hours (barograph). It also boasts a high resolution display with excellent viewing contrast and an optional backlight. Another unique feature is an RF interface built into the B1, giving it the capability of connecting several wireless probes simultaneously (optional probes available soon).

To top it all, B1 has a built-in rechargeable modern high capacity lithium ion polymer battery, which powers it for up to 20 hours. This can be recharged using the power adapter or from a USB port.

Features include:

  • High sensitivity variometer with exclusive UltraSense pressure sensor;
  • Configurable variometer acoustics;
  • High resolution and high contrast display (320x240 pixels);
  • Configurable screen data;
  • 3 digital altimeters;
  • Graphic altimeter graph;
  • Analog and digital vario including averaging function;
  • Real time, flight time and temperature indicators;
  • Real time altitude plot showing altitude over last 2 minutes;
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery, chargeable from a standard USB port:
  • Wireless interface for multiple probe connection (ex. wind-speed and temperature);
  • USB PC connection for flight data download and easy firmware upgrade.

* New parapocket mount system for flightdecks or directly to your harness.