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Icaro2000 NERV light, comfortable and modern helmet with E.N. 1385 Certification, made of a very strong polycarbonate shell.

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Product specification


Italian Design

  • The Nerv-light helmet was designed by Ignazio Bernardi, with technical consultancy from the most important helmet developer in Italy.
  • The creation of a new helmet is a lengthy process. It begins with a prototype made in wood and plaster, sculpted like a fine artwork with all the classic Italian artisanal talent.
  • Once this has been perfected, it is scanned to create a 3D file, which can be used for computer simulations, colour tests and detailed design. After further refinements, this file is then used to programme the CNC machines that cut the dies for the outer shell and the polystyrene lining.
  • This is just the start: the process continues with manufacturing, assembly, quality control, testing and packaging. The result is alluringly attractive and technically impeccable. In short, 100% Italian style.

Key Features

  • Just 355 - 390 grams
  • New patented ESR (Elastic size regulator)
  • For Hike & Fly and land sports
  • Certification EN 1385
  • Standard Orange (£135) and Exclusive Carbon Optic  (£180) versions

Shell Made of Strong Polycarbonate

  • The 3 mm polycarbonate shell is very light but also very strong.
  • To make the helmet as light as possible, the polystyrene has a series of carefully-engineered perforations.

Exclusive Carbon Optic 



    Standard Orange 


     Sizes With Interchangeable Internal Padding

    • The size of a helmet is specified by the inner circumference of the internal padding. The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres. The Standard version of the Nerv light helmet is supplied with 3 sets of internal padding with different thickness, for sizes:
    • 56 (Small)

    • 58 (Medium)

    • 60 - 61 (Large)

    • In addition, we have created a brand-new system to further enhance helmet comfort. Every size is attained by means of 6 small, soft and breathable padding pieces that can all be replaced by 6 thicker or thinner ones. In total we deliver the helmet with 3 sets of 6 padding pieces of different thicknesses so that you can be sure to attain a perfect fit simply by changing all or some of the padding pieces. This system provides another benefit: it is easy to remove the padding pieces and replace them with new pieces. They are simply attached to the polystyrene liner with small lengths of Velcro.

    Exclusive features Sizes: new Patented ESR (Elastic Size Regulator)

    • Our new patented ESR (Elastic size regulator) is designed to provide perfect automatic regulation from size S (56 cm) to L (61 cm).
    • The height of the regulator can also be easily adjusted. To ensure a perfect fit, the helmet has 3 very soft, breathable padding pieces.
    • Each padding piece can be replaced independently with a thicker or thinner piece.
    • In total we deliver the helmet with 3 sets of 3 padding pieces of different thicknesses so that you can be sure to attain a perfect fit simply by changing all or some of the padding pieces.


    • Standard version: 360 grams for sizes S & M, and 355 grams for size L.
    • Exclusive version: 390 grams with the new patented ESR (Elastic size regulator)


    E.N. 1385 Certification

    • The Nerv-light has been tested by the italian laboratory CSI, a company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport.
    • For the first time, we have attained a new certification for this lightweight helmet: E.N. 1385 (Helmets for canoeing and white water sports)
    • Please note that a lightweight helmet – just 355-390 grams – will never pass the demanding EN 966 certification.
    • Nevertheless the helmet provides excellent head protection.


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