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Beginner intermediate gliders

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The new Low B intermediate gliders are rock solid and offer even more performance to travel thermal anywhere.

  • Our Top 5 favourites: Great beginner intermediate  glider
  • Harness options: comfy lightweight harness's you'll keep for a good time
  • Parachute: Buy once and never use, so from simple to Sq, as long as your off the top by 5 kg your cooking
  • Helmets - Popular open face helmets

Buy your self the perfect paraglider package to start your flying career - 

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    So the deal is quite straightforward, when you buy any combo of equipment from our recommendations above, we will credit you on either of the three options above, free reserve or credit against any course or holiday we run here at FlySpain be it tuition or guided holidays and SIV weeks. Deliveries will be to a UK address unless stated otherwise. Credit can be used anytime within 18 months of purchasing.