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PAP paramotor with Tinox chassis, steel in the main body and titanium in the rings. It is easy to get a lightweight chassis, but not so easy that it remains robust and safe.

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Always paying attention to the market we have been working since the beginning of last year in an evolution of our frame looking for less weight , comfort but without losing the robustness, and of course the safety that we have always sought.

The result is the TINOX, a frame that is composed mainly of 2 materials: Titanium for the hoops and stainless steel for the main body.

This frame is done in parts so that without any problem you can change any of the parts in case it is needed. The disassembly is very easy and the four parts are easily stored in the case that comes standard with each paramotor.
It exists in a single size of 140cm where you can put both 125cm and 130cm propeller.
The feeling of lightness is great in a frame that has been designed for take-off on foot, although it can be used without problem on a trike like the Rolling or mini Rolling.

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