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Ozone Rush 4

Latest and brand leader at minute, the Rush 4 is state of the art. Level 2 performance in a high end 1-2 wing. Meet the Delta´s little brother...

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Latest and brand leader at minute, the Rush 4 is state of the art, where the Rush flys every other manufacturer is attempting to keep up. Level 2 performance in a high end 1-2 wing.

We´ve demos arriving all the time, We´ve put over forty hours on them already and we´re super impressed. Great launch behaviour, nice self centering coring, good feel and a super solid nose.... A real head turner.

The Rush 4 represents the next generation of high performance sport-intermediate class XC wings. In the continual pursuit of True Performance, our mission with the Rush 4 was to absolutely maximize glide ratio and sink rate performance within the EN B class. We have achieved this by focusing on efficiency without sacrificing ease of use, safety, or fun.

The Rush 4 features a combination of dynamic handling, an excellent speed range, and the passive safety of the EN B class, making it suitable for a range of pilots from lower airtime recreational flyers to experienced XC enthusiasts. Although the Rush 4 is now replacing the Rush 4, it has much more in common with our latest generation of performance wings such as the Delta and Mantra M4. We have greatly improved the performance of the R3 over its predecessor and have also significantly refined its in-flight feel.

Delta / R10 Technology

The Rush 4 incorporates revolutionary new R10 and Delta sail construction methods. Leading edge reinforcements and optimised tab positioning have solidified the leading edge, creating a more collapse resistant structure. This will allow you to push harder in turbulent air with higher stability at all angles of attack. This new technology has been proven effective in the highest levels of international competition with the Mantra R10 Open Class wing, and in extreme adventure flying with the Delta. Mini-ribs at the trailing edge and an optimised line plan using new line materials have resulted in a significant reduction of parasitic drag. Combined with the Rush 3’s passive safety and agile handling, this drag reduction has placed the Rush 3 at the top of its class in terms of not only glide and speed, but ease of use as well – and that is True Performance.

Moderate Aspect Ratio, Extreme Performance

The Rush 4 is simple and straight forward on the ground, rising smoothly without over-flying the pilot or dropping back in light wind. In the air it is damp in pitch, managing turbulence effectively and efficiently during long glides. You will feel that the Rush 4’s compact feeling resembles a unified ‘structure’ in the air, with minimal sail movement in active air. Most importantly, rearward pitch movement has been heavily minimized and the wing has the tendency to stay overhead and push forward into rising air. In the climb, it is very efficient with a better sink rate in the turn than the Rush 3. The Rush 4 achieves this by an ideal yaw-roll balance, which maintains a higher angle of attack in the turn while retaining excellent agility.

All of these features are based upon a moderate Aspect Ratio of 5.5. By focusing on performance increases derived from ‘free’ gains in line drag and profile efficiency, we have greatly increased the Rush 4’s glide and speed performance while also improving its feel in the air. We are confident that the Rush 4’s classic Ozone handling and user-friendly nature will satisfy even the most demanding pilots.

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