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As one quickly realizes, ground handling is an essential skill to promote feeling and confidence in your paragliding. After a few hours of flying, whether in your home country or abroad, you quickly realise that being confident on take off opens up your window of flying. The GroundHog is just the ticket for that very task.

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Regardless of how windy it is, time is well spent practising your ground handling with our trusty Ground Hog! Our school uses these all the time to assist the skills of our students, they've been so popular that now guys are even asking for one to take home

The GROUNDHOG is for ground-handling.

Small, simple design for easy training
Ground-handling is one of the best ways to improve your flying
Can be used to practice ground-handling in higher winds than normal paragliders.

Not for flight!

Ground-handling is one of the most important aspects of paragliding progression. With the GroundHog, pilots can progress and learn the most basic or most advanced aspects of ground-handling in strong or light winds, safely and easily.
Because the GroundHog is considerably smaller than a normal wing, it can be used for ground-handling training in higher wind, meaning that schools and students will lose less training days because of weather. Also, the smaller size of the GroundHog makes it easier to use. Students are less likely to be dragged or picked up, and the wing’s quick reactions to brake input and footwork help to increase the progression of the pilot.

This equipment is not designed for flight!

Do not fly this equipment in any conditions. This equipment is for the purposes of kiting and ground-handling ONLY. Attempting to fly this equipment may result in serious injury or death.
This equipment is not certified for flight, nor has it been tested for flight.
The user is solely responsible for his / her safety when using this equipment and assumes all liability of risk.
Using this equipment improperly greatly increases the risks involved. Never use this equipment without proper and thorough instruction from a qualified instructor.

By using the GroundHog, you accept all risks involved with the use of this equipment. The designer, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer cannot and will not guarantee your safety when using this equipment. You agree to not hold Ozone Gliders Ltd nor Ozone Power Ltd, liable for any injuries to yourself or to third parties resulting from the use of this equipment.