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Ozone Atom XS

Size - Xs Weight range between 55 - 75 kg

Colour - Orange/Black

Safety Class - A

Age - 5 years

Condition - Ok, Cloth, lines and risers are in good condition as for   porosity checks below: See our simple guide to results

Porosity test


What they said

The Atom 3 replaces the Element series of intro school gliders. This incredibly safe and solid wing is designed for all levels of student training from first flights to soaring, top landing, thermalling and qualification. Based on what we have learned during fifteen years of basic and student wing R&D. The Atom 3 may be one of the safest and simplest-to-use wings that we have ever flown, but it is complex in its simplicity. 

We say

We've had this since new, They are Xs small wings, we've tow for sale, we are clearing out as they are getting too old for our school, condition of glider is pretty good around but time and porosity is letting them down so we sell them on, whiles there's time for them to enjoy some more flying elsewhere. They would make  a cracking good first glider to rag around for a small pilot or someone looking for a ground handling wing but they won't be worth anything in two seasons but then they are priced accordingly.

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Porosity test

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