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Everyone Needs an Angel, Decent descent rate combined with light weight materials and great prices

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When it comes to stability and safety in round reserves, there is no substitute for surface area. For that reason, all sizes of the Angel are “big” in terms of surface, while still very light, and provide plenty of margin for the weight ranges they are certified to carry.

Bridle configuration

The Angel’s Y bridle (1.4m) attaches directly to the shoulder attachment points of your harness. No maillons are included (your harness will need to be fitted with 2 square or trapezoidal maillons, one for each shoulder attachment point). For more info please see the user manual.


Cloth: Porcher Sport PN9
Lines: Edelrid A6798
Risers: Gurth and Wolf 25mm

Standard clover leaf style.

Up to 95kg/110kg/140kg

2.8 seconds

95 110 140
Number of Gores 18 18 20
Surface Area m2 25 29 37
Apex lines Length mm 5920 6505 7310
Suspension Line lengths mm 5505 6050 6800
Upper Apex lines 640 700 790
Weight kg, incl. bridle 1.5 1.71 2.07
Certified Maximum load Kgs 95 110 140
Sink rate at Max Load m/s 5.2 5.2 5.24
Certification EN & LTF EN & LTF EN & LTF