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Great low B glider, recently part exchanged

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£1,590.00 inc. VAT

Noval Ion 4

Colour - Petrol

Size - Medium 90- 110kg

Condition Very Good

Any Damage - None

What they said 


"High performance, light and a master at turning: the ION 4 has a better glide than the MENTOR 3. From 3.95 kg (XXS) it is feather-light and thanks to its smart brakes, it offers impressive handling and climb performance"

We've thermalled it here for a day in Spain, it has spent its life in the UK though, its a really nice B glider, rock-solid but with plenty of comfort and performance. They have only just released the Ion 6 so it's not too lagging behind its peers, certainly didn't feel like it when we flew it.

Its a great glider for a very attractive price. We'll attach a recent porosity report of the glider. It topped out at over 900 on the upper surface.

Comes with 

Inner stuff bag

Nova Outer carry bag

Nova Speed bar and patch tape

Guide to the porosity test

Porosity test


Click to download

porosity report

Click here to download 19.64 kB - docx