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£1,980.00 inc. VAT

The glider, for a full report best check out this link



Colour  - Green/Black 


It's new, it's been inflated once that is all, I should advertise it as new but I've just part ex'd it from an old student who took it out and didn't like the colour. Personal choice, of course, rather like the Green & black as much as Orange! Anyway a bargain to be had

Who does it suit

New to intermediate pilots looking for a glider they can happily cruise around the skies on, even good for free flying.

It's a non-reflexed glider with trimmers, quick for its category, DGAC and En tested

Its priced to sell quick, hence the price, so no haggling but I'll include postage anywhere in Europe, even Brexit blighty


Size 27 suit all up weight (pilot , engine and wing) of 105 - 170 kg