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Hook 5

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Now you know how to soar, Go fly

  •  Niviuk's legendary Hook is reborn in a fifth-generation, offering maximum accessibility and safety as well as the highest performance in its category.
  • A wing designed to escape the usual flying routine and expand your horizons.

Structured Leading Edge

  • The SLE is a rigid structure located at the leading edge of the wing that eliminates the need for old-fashioned mylar reinforcements in this area, thus reducing the weight and increasing the durability of the wing. The leading edge will also have better turbulence absorbing qualities.

Radial Sliced Diagonal

  • RSD (Radial Sliced Diagonal) technology improves the internal structure of the wing, incorporating different independent diagonal ribs oriented more efficiently, i.e. in the optimal direction of the fabric, improving the strength and reducing weight and deformation.

3D Leading Edge

  • 3DL technology is an adjustment of the fabric at the leading edge of the wing to control the ballooning and the creases that are generated by the curvature in this area. The leading edge is then divided into sub-panels which are sewn into each of the cells at the front of the wing. As a result, the leading edge of the wing is more evenly tensioned, which benefits the wing in performance and durability.

RAM Air Intake 

  • The Ram Air Intake system is characterised by the arrangement of the air inlets, to ensure optimal maintenance of internal pressure across the whole range of angles of attack.

Titanium Technology

  • Nitinol is a combination of 50% nickel and 50% titanium. This technology provides three outstanding benefits that increase the performance of the wing, compared to plastic rods.

3D Pattern Cut Optimization 

  • This technology seeks to implement the best orientation of the cloth on each panel according to its location on the leading edge. If the cloth pattern is correctly aligned with the load axes, the cloth suffers less deformation flight after flight, so the leading edge keeps its shape better and maintains its durability over time.


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