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Paragliding Reserve Parachutes, are an important part of your flying security and safety.



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Light Weight Version On The Original Big Seller

The Independence Ultra Cross is a light weight version on the original, big seller, square reserve paragliding parachute by independence, the Evo Cross. The Ultra Cross is the lightest paragliding reserve parachute that we have ever come across at Axis at just 0.975kg. The Ultra Cross 100 is EN / LTF certified up to 100kg and has a surface area of 25m2. This impressive reserve has quick opening times and a slow sink rate at just 4.61m/s.

 A unique fabric is used in the Independence Ultra Cross exclusively manufactured for independence, made of 10D sturdy Nylon 6.6 with only 22 g/m² weight and extremely light, yet high tensile Dyneema lines and ribbons, made our development process possible.
As basic shape for the Independence Ultra Cross we decided to use, just like for our EVO Cross series, a cruciform canopy, that ideally meets the requirements of paragliding, especially regarding fast opening times.
Defined outlet ports at each corner as well as the efficient construction of the canopy, lead to a steady flow around the canopy, which provides outstanding pendulum stability.
The Ultra Cross has precisely calculated suspension points for the painters maximise the projected surface and additionally reduce the parachute's sink rate. Due to these innovations, we were able to stay even below a required sink rate of 5,5 m/s according to EN 12491 restrictions - during certification tests we stayed up to 15% below that threshold.
Extremely short opening times, which come very close to notional specified minimum, have been achieved by a low, thus efficient, canopy height. Due to short system length and the way it is packed, it stayed up to 40% below admissible opening times.
There are two more models now available, and the latest Ultra Cross 210, as the world's lightest tandem reserve certified according to LTF and EN, really lives up to the name of our most favoured lightweight series!


ModelS/AreaMax LoadSinkrate at max loadWeight (g)
Ultra Cross 10025 m²100kg4.61975
Ultra Cross 12533 m²125kg5.11195
Ultra Cross 15040,3 m²150kg5.31585
Ultra Cross 21051,8 m²212kg5.452300



The Ultra Cross Makes a Fantastic Package for Speedriders, Speed Flyers and Para Alpinists

Ultra light hike and fly when combined with the evo frontcontainer (not included). This package is becoming extremely popular with Paramotorists, as it is small, very light, easy to attach and detach, with the frontcontainer included short bridles which attach quickly to the main karabiners.