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The best selling reversible paragliding harness from GIN just got better!

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The new incarnation of the best selling Verso Harness is finally here!

The new GIN Verso is a lightweight reversible airbag harness/rucksack with seat plate and an integrated rescue container that makes no compromises in safety or comfort. There are many reversible harnesses on the market, but we believe the new Verso is the best!

This all-in-one harness is GIN's answer to pilots' demands for an everyday harness that is lighter and more compact, but is still easy to use, safe and very comfortable. The rucksack provides great comfort due to the ergonomic shape of the back and the multiple adjustments.

New designs

We've listened to feedback from pilots and made some important changes on the new Verso.  The reserve container has also been improved. We've designed a new airbag pre-inflation system using flexible, kink resistant titanium rods to hold the airbag open when you're on the ground, and the airbag ports have been optimised and reinforced.

Incredible comfort

Like all the other harnesses in the GIN range, the Verso is very comfortable, even on long flights. Safety features are second-to-none for a lightweight reversible harness. It’s probably the only harness with an integrated under-seat rescue container that offers such a high ratio of comfort to weight. Durability and safety have also been enhanced using a super tough double coated fabric for the airbag which avoids deterioration and loss of performance due to friction, damage or UV exposure.

The package of just over 4 kg is ideal for pilots who seek a lightweight and compact harness/rucksack for hiking or travel, but who also wish to use it as their main harness for local or cross country flying.


  • Side zip mesh pocket and lycra water bottle pocket on rucksack side
  • Removable 12 litre top pocket for your helmet
  • Ergonomic 3D mesh back contact with ventilation system
  • Trekking pole holders
  • New integrated foot stirrup with LTF Certified release system on reserve deployment
  • Hydration bladder attachment and routing
  • Inner mesh stowage pocket
  • EN/LTF Certified AIRBAG back protection (Cygnus patent)
  • 3 click buckles with T-lock safety system
  • Carbon seat plate
  • Under-seat rescue container
  • Adjustable rescue container volume
  • Delivered with integral rescue bridles and 30mm GIN carabiners

Colour: Black and red with new GIN reflective logos

The height information in the table is for guidance only.

Size guide
XS  S  M  L  XL
< 165cm  160-175 cm  170-185cm  > 180cm  > 185 cm

Harness weight
XS  S  M  L  XL
4.2kg  4.3kg  4.5kg  4.7kg  4.9kg

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