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The IQ SONIC is Bräuniger's mini or backup vario. It offers optimised climb and sink acoustics and works without optical indication of altitude or vario (sound only).

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The IQ SONIC is an ideal back-up instrument for cross country and competition pilots. It is also perfect for soaring, e.g. on dunes, where altitude information is not terribly interesting. Paraglider tandem pilots often have problems mounting their "bigger" varios, with the compact and lightweight IQ SONIC this problem is solved once and for all.

Pilots who do not want to take care of any kind of technology while flying will find the IQ SONIC the perfect instrument for them.

Despite its small dimensions (89 mm x 37 mm x 19 mm, 40 grams) the IQ SONIC is a full quality Bräuniger instrument. It uses the same high-quality pressure senders and electronic parts as the "bigger" IQ Series instruments.

The new Bräuniger mini-vario is mounted by Velcro, e.g. on the helmet, on the harness or overall ... the possibilities are endless.

The volume of the sound and start point of the sink tone can be individually adjusted.

The mini-vario is powered by a standard Lithium battery (can easily be purchased in many photo and electronics shops) which lasts for about 200 flight hours. This means the average pilot has to change the battery only approximately every 6 years.

A real specialty is the ASI (Acoustic Scale Indication). The timbre of the climb sound changes at around 1,3 m/s climb rate (260 ft/min) which helps the pilot to estimate climb rates.

- Bräuniger technology and quality, just like the "bigger" IQ instruments
- Acoustic Scale Indication (ASI)
- Adjustable start point of sink tone
- Adjustable volume
- Runs more than 200 hours on one battery
- Environmentally friendly lithium battery
- Compact dimensions (89 mm x 37 mm x 19 mm)
- Weighs only 40 grams

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