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This lightweight PPG unit is your reliable partner to cruise from cloud to cloud.

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Factory Paramotor MVL

Designated Power

  • Equipped with the powerful and robust 125cc MVL engine, this paramotor offers enough power for pilots of up to 90 kilos
  • This paramotor unit has been ingeniously designed to offer the best compromise between weight and power

Propeller Innovation 

  • Propeller information: Helix 2 blade 130cm carbon propeller with engine cooling shape;
  • New innovative propeller covers: for clutch operated paramotors » perform the ground engine warm up with the propeller covers installed and prop secured to the frame to prevent any potential accidents of sudden prop revs

Flight Autonomy

  • Weight without fuel of the titanium unit: 23.8kilos.
  • Weight without fuel of the stainless steel unit: 24.8kilos.
  • Thrust with a 130cm propeller: 68kilos.
  • Dimensions mounted: 145cm X 45cm X 145cm.
  • Dimensions dismounted: 93cm X 45cm X 60cm.
  • Flight autonomy: up to 3 hours and a half

The Frame

  • Four-part hoop, easy to clip and resistant mounts. The net is fully protective and the rivets maintain it firmly to the frame. This frame has been designed to travel – your paramotor will fit at the back of any car and large suitcases.
  • Weight shift system – mid-high weight shift system to reach the perfect balance between stability and dynamic weight shift flying;
  • Inbuilt torque compensation – the centre of gravity of the pilot is offset to the left to ensure an optimal torque compensation during level flight;
  • Ideal mix between resistance, lightness and esthetics – this frame is the evolution over generations of a frame concept that puts at the centre of its preoccupation the pilot’s pleasure, comfort and security.

The Harness

  • The Superlight Universal PM harness is designed for pilots looking for maximum comfort in take-off and in-flight without adding extra weight to their set up. It includes Ball bearing Pulley assembly and your choice of the safety strap. It offers 2 side pockets and one big stowing compartment under the seat. If you wish the following options are available on this harness:
  • Side reserve container bag – 60£
  • Self-inflatable and superlight. Adds substantial additional protection in the case of an accident. The APCO Paramotor Airbag is universal and will also fit most other brands paramotor harnesses – 60£
  • Paramotor Harness Mirror Kit – simple and convenient solution – 20£
  • Paramotor Harness Side pocket zipped on – all our paramotor harnesses now standardized to accept zipped on side pocket Left or Right side – 35£
  • Karabiners – 2 Austri Alpin inox paragliding karabiner with auto-lock mechanism. Weight: 139g
  • Wonder bar: Revolutionary Speed bar with the hands-free operation! - 55£