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The Eclipse is the lightest paramotor we've ever produced. Fly Products has developed a complete line of paramotors and trikes for both paramotor and hang gliders

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Product specification

Paramotor Model
Rider Atom 80/ Moster 185 Cage Type
Rider Atom 80/ Moster 185 Harness Size
Rider Atom 80/ Moster 185 Bag for Outer Cage
Rider Atom 80/ Moster 185 Engine Bag for Paramotor

The Eclipse is the lightest paramotor we've ever produced thanks to the use of innovative materials and construction techniques aimed at reducing weights while maintaining a high standard of safety and reliability.

  • The ATOM is a light quiet engine, well balanced, easy to start with 'Ultrasoft', and packs a punch with low fuel consumption.
  • This was achieved by dedicated research and design coupled with a history of knowledge.
  • The look is modern with innovative materials and production processes, making it stand out from the crowd.
  • Forced air cooled engine,  oil bathed helical gear reduction drive, with a centrifugal adjustable clutch.
  • The thrust is smooth, linear delivering 55kg with a 130 cm propeller and 52kg with 125 cm propeller.
  • The ATOM80 is perfect for anyone who appreciates a lightweight engine, delivering power with economy and low noise


The container of the emergency light can be mounted in frontal, lateral, to the right or to the left side. This emergency is particularly light and easy to assemble, designed specifically for the Eclipse model.



















The continuous tests conducted by our team-pilots have further contributed to the development of Active Sport Comfort: ASC system. This system is adjustable and can be mounted for any rider weight and can also be removed in less than a minute.


Atom 80 frame 

Atom 80 side








  • Paramotor Cover Bag 

  • RPM and hours counter

  • Throttle protection 

  • Prop cover with rods holder

  • Trolley for paramotor    

  • Harness with lateral emergency. It is possible to position the emergency right or left.


Atom_Cover_Bag           Atom_Tacho             Throttle_protection    atom prop      Trolley    Right_Left_Reserve


Ideal for Pilot Weight Less than 80kg 

Look at the Eclipse Moster if you are above 80kg