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The Kiss is an ultralight, small-packing wing for mountain adventures. Simple, safe and fun.

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The Kiss

  • A lightweight mini paraglider.
  • The BGD KISS is a lightweight, small-packing wing with narrow webbing risers and sheathed lower lines to make it easy to use on rough mountain launches. It has very wide weight ranges, which makes it very versatile and suitable for a number of different uses.
  • The KISS flying characteristics are affected by wing loading: Lightly loaded it’s an easy, safe soaring wing for any qualified pilot. Near the top of the weight range it’s fast and dynamic; ideal for strong-wind soaring for more experienced pilots.

Made for pilots who love to wake up in the mountains with their paraglider; to hike hills or climb snowy peaks.

It’s 5:30am. The birds are singing and your sleeping bag is damp, speckled with droplets. The sun is just kissing the top of the cliffs above you; they are rimmed with gold. A few more minutes of snooze and it will start to warm your bivvy spot and dry the wet grass. Time for coffee. It’s a new day, the adventure continues!

It’s mountain-hardy, made from light but durable materials with very wide weight ranges for maximum versatility. The smallest, 16m size can be flown by 50kg pilots with excellent passive safety; but it can also be flown at 90kg, where it will be fast and dynamic, the realm of experienced pilots.

Bruces Notes

  • The Kiss was initially conceived for a group of BGD Team pilots who needed a light but rugged mountain wing for a project in the Alps this summer. They needed something easy to carry and simple to use in wide-ranging conditions, that could handle tough mountain terrain and tricky launches.
  • The Kiss is a unique design, not based on any other BGD glider. We wanted a simple and elegant structure, to give it the uncomplicated launch and outstanding ease of use. For the project, 16m and 18m sizes were ideal – small to carry, light and versatile to cope with different wind strengths. The sub-70kg pilots in the team will fly the 16; 70kg+ will take the 18.
  • We opted for Porcher 27 cloth for the sail and ribs, with 32 for extra durability on the upper leading-edge, and designed the leading edge with minimal use of plastic reinforcements to achieve easy launch characteristics without compromising its packability.
  • The structure was optimised to save weight, with new Twin B-tabs, developed with help of our CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis software. Narrow webbing risers with a speed system and weight-saving low-friction rings, and unsheathed Kevlar top and middle lines complete the spec.
  • Note: As standard the Kiss will be delivered with steel maillons, but pilots can shave a further 80g by replacing these with softlinks (which can be ordered separately).



The Kiss can be comfortably packed to the following dimensions:

16m: 30cm x 30cm x 13cm
18m: 35cm x 35cm x 15cm




Kiss - Keep it Simple from Bruce Goldsmith Design on Vimeo.

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