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Complete Tandem Setup including Harnesses and Reserve .. Share the Fun at a Bargain Price Brand New Dec 2014 < 50HRS, Well Looked after Lovely setup!

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Gin Fuse 41

  • Orange, Purple and White

The FUSE Is A Tandem Paraglider For Professionals Who Demand The Best For Their Passengers and Themselves

  • The Fuse contains the same EPT (Equalized Pressure Technology) that’s at the heart of our XC wing, the Carrera. EPT means a better launch, a better landing and a better flight all-round! The Fuse is both reliable and efficient for commercial use, yet makes no compromises when flown for pure pleasure.

Effortless Inflation and Take-Off

  • The Fuse is easy to manage on the ground and inflates smoothly and evenly in all flyable conditions. And because the Fuse profile produces a lot of lift at low airspeeds, you’ll get airbourne without a fuss—even if your passenger doesn’t move as enthusiastically as you would wish!

Agile, Well Balanced Handling

  • The Fuse reacts to your control inputs with speed and precision and goes exactly where you put it. The wing gives you just the right amount of feedback, so your passenger stays comfortable and you easily find lift and stay in thermals. Or, if you prefer to land sooner, the agility of the wing means that you can still have some fun on your way down!

Stress Free Landing

  • The Fuse has excellent roll response even at lower speeds, ideal on tight landing approaches. Near minimum speed, the sink rate increases significantly and—in appropriate conditions—you can use this behaviour to your advantage during the last few metres before touchdown. Despite this, the wing’s energy retention is good and you can still flare with authority.

Wide Real-World Weight Range

  • The Fuse has a wide useable weight range—you can fly at maximum weight, minimum weight and everywhere in between. The Fuse comfortably covers most sizes of humans and even some pets!
  • All these characteristics—as a result of EPT—combine to give you a safety margin and field of use that’s wider than ever before.

Technical Details

  • Optimized airfoil with Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) for stability, handling and performance
  • Thinner profile improves take-off and reduces material weight
  • Line and riser layout optimized for big ears (large area of A3 and split A-riser)
  • Clamp cleat system to lock big ears in place
  • Long trimmers (11cm) enable greater penetration, for example in strong valley winds. The slightly negative and large positive trimmers allows you to adjust the speed over the whole weight range.
  • 20mm technora and polyester riser
  • A full range of GIN accessories designed for use with the Fuse are available: harnesses, rescues, etc.

Technical Info 


 FLAT AREA 40.95m2
 FLAT SPAN 14.80m
 FLAT A.R 5.35
 CHORD 3.41m



Gin fuse Harness

The design concept of the Fuse pilot was ease of use and safety; and also comfort, convenience and precise piloting.

The Get-up system is convenient and comfortable on take-off, and the flared front seat plate allows the easy positioning of the passenger between the pilot’s legs, improving the control of the wing and comfort during the flight.

The Fuse pilot harness fits together beautifully in flight with the matching Fuse passenger harness to create a stable and unified profile in the air.


- Get up system for chest/leg straps for safety and ease of buckling
- flared front seat plate for passenger comfort and optimum in-flight pilot comfort and wing control
- GinSoft Fuse mousse bag (14cm) with dual layer structure for optimal protection
- large, convenient back pocket with radio compartment and cable/drinks routing
- 2 zippered lateral pockets, easily accessible in flight for quick access to small items
- dorsal rescue container can be installed with the deployment handle on either the left or right side,
- foam insert for rescue container helps to maintain optimum shape in flight
- EN and LTF certified (max load 120kg)


3.0kg including back protection*
* weight does not include carabiners and seat plate


The harness comes in one size, but can be fully adjusted to accommodate a wide range of pilot sizes.
Delivered with rescue deployment handle, GinSoft Fuse mousse bag, GIN carabiners and wooden seat plate.

Passenger Harness

The airbag volume is 20% increased compared to our previous tandem harness and has an additional front inlet to ensure optimum inflation in the widest possible range of flying conditions. In addition, a foam insert on the leading edge of the seat also assists inflation and offers additional protection in the event of a hard landing.

A reinforced skid guard on the bottom of the airbag offers protection against wear and tear and can be easily removed and replaced if it becomes worn or damaged.

The Fuse passenger harness fits together beautifully in flight with the matching Fuse pilot harness to create a stable and unified profile in the air.

The harness comes in one size, but can be fully adjusted to accommodate a wide range of passenger sizes.

Fuse passenger


- 20% increased airbag volume

- Automatic buckles (Get-up system)

- Reinforced skid plate attached under seat with velcro for replacement when worn out

- velcro attachment point on shoulder straps for pilot instruments etc.

- integrated safety whistle on chest webbing

- spacious rear pocket

- lateral mesh pocket with instrument loops, ideal for cameras etc.

- zippered lateral pocket for storage of passenger's personal effects etc.

- wooden seat plate

- EN and LTF certified (max load 120kg)


3.1kg including back protection*

* weight does not include carabiners and seat plate


One size

Delivered with GIN carabiners and wooden seat plate.

Gin Yeti 60 Reserve

The new GIN Yeti rescue parachute is—like its competitors—ultra-light and ultra-compact, but it offers 40% more surface area.

The medium size weighs only 1.5 kg, yet it offers a surface area of 35 m2 and a certified sink rate of 5 m/sec., at a maximum weight in flight of 100 kg.

We all know how a large surface area is important for the safety of a rescue parachute.

Gin Gliders’ design brief for this new rescue was lightweight, but without compromising the surface area. 2 years of development and testing were necessary to reach this high standard of technical performance. 

  • Certified EN-12491.
  • The Yeti Rescue is delivered with inner bag.

Technical specifications

SIZE     #60
Area     60.96
No. of gores     24
Line Length (m)     8.85
Centre line (m)     7.78
Weight (kg)     3.1
Sink rate at max. load (m/s)     5.17
Max. load (kg)     220

Quick Out Carabiners.


<50 hours

Just been serviced by Aerofix with excellent results,

it’s Mint! 

Package is located in Dorset for collection or can arrange delivery for Circa 50 without insurance 150 with insurance to UK and Europe !