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We are selling off a limited number of school gliders in a mix of sizes, they are all flyable, super safe but lack high A performance, they are aged between 1-2.5 years old, they were all checked for porosity in January 2019 and passed.

The small Atoms come in Red/Yellow ONLY

Size Medium - 65-90kg

We are selling to refresh our stock for the Autumn season, they will not come with a report, speed bar or harness or outer bag, they are glider only in an inner stuff bag, We have subsidised postage to 30 pounds.

They would make a great glider option for ground handling and some basic flying. You should get proper tuition before attempting to fly these gliders or any other wings we sell. 

We are selling all sizes from small to Large, if you can't see other sizes here then they are already sold out, sorry, feel free to ask if we have anything else for sale.