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Ascent V1

The new ASCENT V1 mini Alti Vario Designed specifically for paragliding and hang gliding, the ascent vario brings you everything you need in an affordable package... and it's small enough to wear like a watch.

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- Lightweight : If you like a good hike, but hate carrying extra gear, you'll love the compact and light-weight ASCENT V1 vario.

- Intuitive : An intuitive user interface so that you spend less time reading the manual and more time enjoying your flight.

- Easy to use : The large numbers are easy to read, you can change the volume and view advanced features while flying without letting go of the controls.

Main features:
- temp compensated relative and absolute altitude (m or ft)
- vertical speed with adjustable averaging (m/s or ft/min)
flight data recorded for 200 flights (data includes: Flight number, launch time and duration. Start, max and end altitude. Max 3sec lift, max avaraged lift, max sink. Max and min temps.
- Adjustable sink alarm
- Large (30mm (1.2") diagonal high res. screen (124x64 px)
- re-chargeable Lithium battery with indicator (up to 10 hours flight time/ 4 months standby)
- Charge options inc wall (115/220V AC), car (12V DC) or computer (USB)

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