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UFO-Bi – #notalone Tandem, EN-B certified, Easy to launch, gentle handling, and a smooth landing: a must-have for your mountaineering adventures in duet!

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UFO-Bi – #notalone


  • The council members were outraged. Gordon was keeping silent, waiting for his companion to speak. Alf cleared his throat and said: “We haven’t seen it, but we heard the two mountaineers talking about it”.

The UFO-Bi – Beam us up!

  • “And what did you learn?” The general Stachys curtly interrupted him.
  • “At a time of the day where most of the mountaineers are still going down, these dudes were enjoying a beer on a terrace, chatting and laughing about the incredible day they just had”.
  • They mentioned that time when they had to improvise a bivouac on the top of the Grépon, using the ropes to cover their bodies to face a long and cold night and were wondering “what if we had had a fast solution to get down?”. Then, one of them exclaimed: “I’d like to propose a toast to this new chapter! Today we reached the Aiguille Verte and took off from there. How come? Because I had the UFO-Bi in my rucksack! Light and fast! This is the key for our safety!” The other was merry “Dude, I really had doubts about it until I saw you taking the light and compact package out of your backpack, then I knew you were right. The take-off with the UFO-Bi has been a formality and still, my heart was pounding so hard in my chest!”.
  • “No descent! Just enjoying the flight in tandem!?” Stachys almost choked.
  • “Just enjoying the view, yes, they said they were yelling like two kids”, Alf calmly pursued. “While soaring the huge granite faces, the pilot felt thankful to have such a nice wing to play with. Then, they headed to the valley… And after a nice flare, they were back on earth”.
  • The old alien looked clearly worried. This observation mission had gone further than anything he could have had imagined. Not only they were not alone in the universe, but the human beings now mastered the UFO technology for two people. Let’s hope it is limited to the mountaineers. The others must not know.

How to describe the UFO-Bi…

…in one word? Light!

…in one image? Folded in its Airpack 50-50 XS, you just can’t imagine this is a tandem wing.

.… in one dream? Accessing a virgin slope, skis on… in a galaxy far, far away…

Alien’s words…

  • For every AD wing, these Humans use a claim and a hashtag. For the UFO-Bi, They chose Beam us up and #notalone. Hell yes, they are not alone in the universe! And why reserve the pleasant handling and the lightness of the UFO to a pilot on his/her own? With the UFO-Bi, you are not alone anymore and can share your ride with the simplest and easiest tool for hike-and-fly in duet!


Construction & Features

  • As for the new UFO, the lines are unsheathed Aramid but color-coded! Solidity has never been so easy to untangle.
  • Releasing the trimmers allows a good speed increase to further improve its amazing ability to flare and land smoothly.
  • The use of Nitinol rods not only saves weight and increases robustness, it also allows a super compact folding… To always slip it into your rucksack.
  • Leading edge and trailing edge are with mylar-border band. This ensures a structural consistency for not changing the wing’s flying behaviors.
  • On the leading edge, ground attachment loops can be used to prevent the paraglider from slipping on a steep and/or slippery slope (snow).

Did you know?

The French AirDesign team had the first contact with the UFO-Bi during the Flying Light Festival in Saint-Gervais (Mont-Blanc area) and was very happy with its behavior in every phase of flying and ability to thermal up in the light autumnal climbs. Pilots there really were positively surprised and remained amazed to have such a nice tandem wing weighing only 2.8 kg!!

Technical Specifications


This tandem, EN-B certified, is meant to take-off from everywhere and to take you anywhere! Easy to launch, gentle handling, and a smooth landing: a must-have for your mountaineering adventures in duet!

Technical Features

  • Superlight: Superlight construction, but no compromise on material quality and overall durability, only the lightest, but the very best. For light gear junkies but also for everyday use.
  • Nitinol Rods: To improve glider packing, reduce glider weight while optimizing sail tensions, Nitinol rods are used in the leading edge. Nitinol has shape memory and super elastic nickel titanium alloy allowing strong deformations without being bent or damaged. La compatibilité du lecteur d’écran est activée.
  • 3D-Cut: All panels designed and cut according to state-of-the-art 3D technologies to improve profile consistency and control ballooning deforming, reduce wrinkles on 3D-formed shapes with soft materials. Cleaner surface is more performance.
  • Unsheathed Lines (colored): Air-Design is only using the best grades of Edelrid aramid lines. Smooth handling on the ground, strong, highly durable, and dimensionally stable. Linesets are designed and dimensioned to last as long as your glider with proper handling.
  • Superlight Dyneema Risers: Taurus Dyneema rope is used for clean, easy to read and use, and dimensionally stable Superlight risers. Saves around 200g compared to Race Aramid risers.
  • Superlight trimmers



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