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Redesigned suspension and chest strap geometry distinguishes the LIGHTNESS 3 by its excellent comfort in flight

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Removable Airbag & Reserve container
Soft Spreaders with Trimmers

Lightness 3 

With its launch in 2010 the no-seatboard LIGHTNESS series set the standard for the light XC harness category. In 2014 came the LIGHTNESS 2 with integral foam protector and reserve compartment, and, mainly because of its incomparable comfort, all those pilots who previously had chased their kilometers in heavy reclining harnesses were sold on it.

The new LIGHTNESS 3 now of fers comprehensive comfort both in flight and handling, and there’s even more protection. A new choice of standard or light speedbag results in a wider range of uses; there’s also the option of a windshield, which significantly raises flying comfort on long distance flights. We’ve put together all the background information about new ideas, features and details on the following pages. But, as usual, it’s best to try it out yourself

All-Embracing Comfort

Redesigned suspension and chest strap geometry distinguishes the LIGHTNESS 3 by its excellent comfort in flight – especially when accelerated – and high stability. The seat shell fits every pilot’s body perfectly, and protects it where necessary. Dealing with the harness on the ground, e.g. speedbag adjustment, is entirely straightforward.

Modular System

The new options and configuration choices make this third generation of LIGHTNESS modular and flexible as never before. Considering prepared weight alone, the possible variance of the S size (2.75 kg up to 3.37 kg) suggests a large range of use – for example a several day bivouac expedition or, perhaps, a new cross country record.

Useful Details

The LIGHTNESS 3 incorporates a number of important details, including SAS-TEC back protection, ample back pocket, drink pouch holder, optional speedbag access line, relief tube channel, cockpit power cable access and loops for fixing to the chest strap, and easy-to-move setting balls for adjusting the Standard speedbag length.

Our development team are currently working at maximum kilowatts on the LIGHTNESS 3. This new light XC harness comes out next autumn. Development is well advances, and you can look forward to another top product with many new and original features.

The LIGHTNESS 3 will again be produced in three sizes with compatible speedbags, and an optimised LIGHTPACK rucksack to suit. As soon as the final prototype has arrived we will release more technical details, such as weight, dimensions and so on. Harness geometry is a significant subject of alterations: support point and chest strap geometries have been revised. This makes the already agreeable no-seatboard reclining harness even more comfortable.

For the first time the LIGHTNESS 3 has removable crash and penetration protection.

Tecnical Data

Pilot hightcm155-172165-183178-200
Chest strap widthcm40-4840-4840-48
Harness weightkg3.2503.5003.580
Load test EN 1651 / LTF 91/09 / 120kgEN 1651 / LTF 91/09 / 120kgEN 1651 / LTF 91/09 / 120kg
Protector weightkg0.4340.4460.45
Harness certification EN / LTF (PH 231.2018)EN / LTF (PH 231.2018)EN / LTF (PH 231.2018)
Weight carabinerskg120g (2Stk, Alias)120g (2Stk, Alias)120g (2Stk, Alias)
Weights speed systemkg0.0180.0180.018
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Advance lightness 3 Harness Manual

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