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Easiness 3 – Hike & Fly & More

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Removable Airbag & Reserve container
Soft Spreaders with Trimmers

Easiness 3 – Hike & Fly & More

The EASINESS 2 Hike & Fly harness has retained its important position in our harness palette for a long time. In the third generation the Airbag-Protector is now fully integrated in the harness by
means of a zip. As before, the Airbag is very easy to remove, and the reserve compartment is embedded in the Airbag-Protector.

Lengthened Legpads and revised speedloop foot-force gradientput the EASINESS 3 among the most comfortable of the light reversible harness class, and therefore suitable for everyday use:

especially so because it inherits the EASINESS 2’s high carryingcomfort in rucksack mode. This quality combination opens up awide area of use - from Hike und Fly, and traveling with a light paraglider rucksack, to general flying.

advance easiness 3  Harness


This third EASINESS version will now be delivered with its Airbag-Protector

Because the majority of EASINESS 2s were ordered with the Airbag-Protector
we have reversed this option. The EASINESS 3 price includes the Airbag-Protector so its normal price should not be compared directly with the Easiness 2 (delivered without Airbag).
„No Airbag“ is now the Option. If an Airbag-Protector is definitely not required this fact must be specified at the ordering stage. The “No Airbag” option earns a reduction of the official price as a result. In this case a Backside-Cover will be supplied. This protects the zip and underneath of the harness. The Backside Cover can also be ordered as an option for those pilots who sometimes want to use their EASINESS 3 without its protector.

easiness 3  Harness

EASINESS 3 compared with EASINESS 2

advance easiness 3


The EASINESS 3 is now produced in three sizes

everness 3 Sizes

Harness Features

Harness Features


Rucksack Features

clever harness


The EASINESS 3 Legpads have been lengthened and are lightly padded. This makes our popular Hike & Fly harness much more comfortable. 3D treatment of the ergonomic EASINESS 3 seat surface fits the pilot’s body shape as if tailormade. The detailed lumbar support design also provides good sitting comfort. This general high level of flying comfort also makes the EASINESS 3 very useful as an everyday harness.

back protection


Backside Cover as an Option

The optional Backside Cover is zipped in place for EASINESS 3 use without Airbag-Protector. It protects the zip track

seat pro


Technical Data

tech details

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Advance Easiness 3 reversible lightweight harness

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