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Together with Hungarian partner EVOTEC, ADVANCE now launch the new COMPANION reserve brand. 

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The COMPANION SQR is the first model, and it heralds a new game-changing generation of “Square-Round” reserve parachutes for paraglider.
The result is a new type of parachute with many advantages: the “SQR” demonstrates very fast opening, low sink rate and high swing resistance. It is also light despite its robust materials, does not fly forward and is very simple and problem-free to pack.

Improved Opening

Very fast opening – a result of comprehensive real-life tests

High Swing Resistance

Exceptionally high swing resistance – highly developed canopy with Air-Jets

Light Weight

Minimum weight – perfect choice of materials

Reliable Packing

Simple, reliable packing – like a round canopy



SQR 100

SQR 120

SQR 140

SQR 160

SQR 220

Area25,4 m232,4 m237,8 m242,0 m261,9 m2
Max. TOW100 kg120 kg140 kg160 kg220 kg
Sink rate at Max. TOW5,4 m/s5,4 m/s5,4 m/s5,3 m/s5,3 m/s
Weight1258 g1534 g1707 g1927 g2357 g
Packing volume3,0 - 5,2 L3,5 - 5,6 L3,7 - 5,9 L4,0 - 6,5 L6,0 - 9,4 L