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Paramotoring Beginners

Beginners Elementary Paramotoring Course, Tuition & Conversions

As part of our Paragliding tuition here in Spain we´ve put together a thorough BHPA Paramotoring Syllabus with some of the best paramotor instructors on the UK scene. We will give you all you need to enjoy the obvious benefits of a foot launched powered paraglider that stows in your car and will take you on any adventure from a flat field. The courses are based on safety, knowledge and bucket loads of airtime, combined with our usual high standards of Paramotor instruction and great weather! See what previous paramotor students have to say

Beginners Paramotoring

First step - Never tried Paramotoring before then you'll need master your glider behaviour and get your feet off the ground without the confusion of the motor on our Beginners paragliding and paramotor Elementary course

The essence of all aircraft is a good confident take off and landing so we begin our power course with some un-powered practice. You would join one of Elementary Paragliding Beginner Courses for five days and learn the essential skills and confidence to launch unaided  on a paraglider. It will equip you with a broader understanding of the sport, as well as key lectures on weather and airlaw, Good launch and landing skills, vital to paramotoring, without the confusion of the motor whirring on your back.

  • Who can do it  - Almost anyone, 14 years and above, (see FAQ´s for guidelines on fitness).
  • Previous experience - None, perfect for complete beginners.
  • Group size – 6-8 students to 2/3 instructors.
  • Duration – Every waking hour for 5 days!
  • Objective -  A BHPA rating and vital first step to CP power course.
  • Included -  Accommodation, 5 days tuition, equipment and airport transfers

Extras – BHPA membership


Want to continue and get your paramotor ticket in Britains largest growing sport then book the two weeks courses combining our popular paragliding beginners course and our Cp Power course.

Save ppg small

£795 p/week

Includes equipment, all tuition and transport plus accomodation

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Club Pilot Paramotor & or Conversion Course

Club Pilot Power  & Paramotoring Conversion Course

Already proficient in Paragliding or achieved the Elementary paraglider course and want to crossover to Paramotoring? 

Common Questions

  • Who can do it  - 14 Years and above, suits all ages, (see FAQ´s for guidelines on fitness).
  • Previous experience – Beginners Paragliding Ep course, Paragliding Hill Cp or Tow.
  • Group size – a Max of 5 students per course
  • Duration –  Theory and flying every waking hour for 6 days!
  • Objective -  BHPA Qualification, CP Power license, confident flying skills and healthy flying knowledge.
  • Included -  Accommodation, 6 days tuition, equipment and airport transfers
  • Great Deals on the combined wing and Motor units delivered to your door!
  • Do I need six days tuition if I'm a seasoned Paraglider pilot - No,  2 - 3 should do it but you'd use the rest of your time consolidating skills and getting your Pilot tasks achieved

Extras -

  • Mandatory membership of BHPA
  • In case of breakages(.i.e.prop or cage)Damage incurred to the motor unit, so to save any embarrassment you´ll need to bring a credit card to cover any possible incident.

New for 2017 

This year we will be teaching on Trikes, although there is no formal Uk qualification we are prepping for a change in Uk rules regarding licencing of trike flying as a foot-launched aircraft. Enquire here



£895 p/week

Includes all equipment, tuition, airport transfers and accommodation

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Paramotor Zero-Hero

New! Zero to Hero courses are 8 days of Paramotor Tuition

Our new course will fast track you onto Paramotoring by removing hill launches with the paraglider. Instead of doing your first launches on hill we use our tow unit, you'll progress quickly from an introduction to equipment then launch practice,  on to the tow unit then as soon as we see you are happy with flying and landing we can move onto first flights with a motor.

The benefit of training through a tow winch means it's quicker than stomping up hills, and we'll have more time to spend with you on the machines themselves getting straight into 6 days of Paramotor Club Pilot tuition and upon successful completion of the course you will obtain your BHPA Club Pilot qualification.

What are the benefits of doing the longer Ep beginners course? If you have some interest in paragliding as well it would do you well to spend the extra time with the hill huggers learning to fly off them, then migrate onto to CP progression week(you won't get both hill and ppg Cp you'll need to come back but the extra time on the hill will be handy) Flying is simply great, with and without an engine so If you're not sure, do both. Please read the Cp power section for detail.

Save £500 when you buy engine and wing together

£1500 p/person

Inc accommodation, tuition & airport transfer

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