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Pilotage & SIV

Boosting your skills and confidence

Pilotage & SIV

Pilotage and SIV training camp

Having run SIV weeks in Turkey and Italy for over 15 years we can now offer the same service closer to home.

We now provide an opportunity to get some monster flights over freshwater with a chance to build in some really valuable experience about how your glider flies and what to do when greeted with the unexpected. 

Pilotage & SIV - Learning doesn't stop at Club Pilot

The French have been offering a Pilotage course for years, compared to a full Siv course it's slightly trimmed down and aimed at the newer pilot. It's essential to get to grips with the pitch control and behaviour of your glider in unstable air. There is nothing to fear in deflations when you realise how stable your glider really is.

Equally schools all over the world encourage you to climb high all the time, but there are few safely educating you on how to get down in a safe and sensible fashion. Everyone can yank a brake toggle and have a go at Spiral dives but practising essential life-saving manoeuvres over water is imperative and should form a regular part of your flying education.

Tailoring courses to pilots needs - SIV Club

Not only do our courses comprise pilots making their first pilotage courses, we also offer more advanced manoeuvres like stalls and spins for more experienced pilots, so if you've done a pilotage or SIV course elsewhere and want to up the billing just ask. Tailoring courses to pilots' needs is crucial for pilot progress

Your regular Xc pilot almost never ponders stalling a glider, we concentrate on keeping them in one piece and going around in circles, but deflations in thermic air can happen so preparation is everything! See one of our Promo videos for some idea

So.... Pilotage, a course aimed at boosting your confidence not wrecking it!

  • No towing experience will be needed 
  • No mountain or Tele cabin passes
  • We will provide tow bridles
  • Towing over fresh water lakes 
  • Optional reserve deployment practise 
  • Gas inflated life jackets and waterproof bags
  • You will need to bring all your kit as you like to fly it.
  • Course limited to 8 pilots
  • The remainder of the week we will free fly around Andalucia. 
  • Tow licence available at end of week
  • Choose what level you want to do Siv or Pilotage -  Same price

Reserve deployments - the one piece of equipment you never practise using! So if you're tempted we'll even lend you a spare reserve whilst yours dries out! 

SIV Pilotage course
SIV Paragliding, Algodonales Bornos - Nick Piner
Paragliding SIV Training

£850 p/week

includes, course, safety gear, accommodation & transfers

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Pilotage Syllabus

Click here to download 19.75 kB - pdf

The dates shown on the calendar are Arrival and Departure dates only.

The course starts the following morning. i.e. our calendar EP course dates 4-10 march. Arrive with us on Sunday 4th to settle in, the course starts early on Monday. The course finishes on Friday evening, your departure travel day being Saturday 10th.

Courses vary,  such as the Zero to Hero ppg course, Please check dates carefully. 

If you arrive outside those times we can help organise either a taxi or point you to a bus or car rental.

The shuttle is at the airport at 1pm on your day of arrival. Please aim to land by 12:30 to be clear of the airport building by 1pm (Spanish time). On departure day (Saturday) it leaves the village at 11am and drops off at the airport for 1p.m. Flights leaving after 15:00 give plenty of time to check-in. If you can't coordinate your flights within these times, alternatively grab a taxi or hire car.


EP. Beginners Paragliding courses can have from 4-8 on a group, you'll normally get 2-3 instructors helping you throughout the week

Club pilot course - 4-6 with 2 instructors on hand.

Paramotor Club pilot - 4-6 with 2 instructors on hand.

Zero to hero paramotoring courses - 4-6 with 2 instructors on hand.

Zero to hero paragliding courses - 4/5 with 2 instructors on hand.

Siv courses - 8 pilots to a course

Guided weeks - 7-9 with 2 instructors coaching and full Gps tracking

Deposits are required to guarantee a place on either tuition or holiday weeks, this should be paid via our online booking system. 

Deposits are our commitment to you to run the course regardless of numbers, so no danger of us cancelling last minute

Your balance must be paid 28 days prior to your arrival, you can pay this online by going to 'Manage My Booking' under the Calendar tab on our website homepage. If you are having a problem paying online, first check with your bank as sometimes they block payment as a security check. If this continues please email us so that we can make other arrangements.

Cancellations: Deposits are strictly non refundable. Cancellations less than a month before the course or failure to attend a course or holiday will mean the full payment of the place to be paid. We try and keep our course and holiday numbers sensible so as to achieve the great results that we do, therefore numbers are strictly limited. Please make sure you buy holiday insurance that will cover you for unforseen cancellations or postponements.


Paraglider pilots from beginner to experienced, the best courses cater to the individual.



Accommodation, airport transfer, boat tow fees, coaching etc, equipment to allow you to do that.



Yes a two meter radio.



Yes probably, as you might get a chance to go flying in the local mountains around the course.