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Pokhara, Nepal

A must for your flying bucket list!

The flying season in Nepal runs from October through May. Due to the Kingdom's latitude and monsoonal climate, the tree line is at an incredible 3900m. With conditions milder than Summer Alpine, there is limitless cross-country flying, in regular, constant conditions.

Nepal guided holiday tours with FlySpain

From the beginning, you are met at the airport and taken to your hotel to spend the first night in the ancient city of Kathmandu, before being flown out to Pokhara the next morning. The 25 minute flight provides the most spectacular vista of the Himal and a first taste of the views that you will encounter during the days to come.FlySpain worldwide trips and holidays

The lively lakeside town of Pokhara is nestled at the foot of the Annapurna massif. From your hotel room, you can see 3 of the
highest mountains in the world, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manasulu, all 8000m peaks. Your introduction to Himalayan flying is the vast Pokhara valley. We spend the first few days flying the sites around this beautiful landscape. From Pokhara we set off on a 2-night expedition to Sirkot, after some magic flying there we head back or fly back to Pokhara before our final leg to Bandipur, a traditional Newari village, to fly another couple of days.

The final spectacular drive to the Kathmandu valley will leave a lasting impression.

  • Our new 12-day tour is designed to maximise your airtime
  • Offer you the chance to experience a range of conditions and flying sites 
  • Build some memorable flying hours in a very special part of the world!
  • The best local guides plus some FlySpain coaching to boot
  • Inspirational flying and Xc potential day in day out!
  • You´ll want to have dabbled at thermalling to come with a min of 10 - 20 hours+ airtime & some half decent ground handling skills
  • The flying is easy, smooth thermals, some easy soaring, massive takeoffs and easy large landing fields make it a pretty stress-free holiday
  • Read an article about our first visit here
  • Save £100 off if you've been a FlySpain Frequent flyer

£1,400 p/person

Includes Guiding, internal flight, transfers, B&B, full retrieve

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Dune de Pyla, France

Kite Handling & flying at the Dunes - Time to turn a corner with your glider skills

Dune de Pyla is Europe's largest sand Dunes and makes for an exceptional venue for some easy flying and a great paragliding holiday whilst working on valuable advanced paragliding kite skills.

The weather is cooking in June and the Arcachon area is brilliant for families and friends, the flying easy and relaxed just prior to to the French Summer holidays.

The area of Arcachon is famous for flying, oysters and its beautiful beaches. Last year pilots went away with over ten hours airtime over five days!

  • Improve all round ground handling and confidence in flying your glider
  • Dispel fears of being dragged
  • Master the pitch and roll off your glider in strong wind.
  • Kite the glider up the dune to launch, kite surfing in the stronger winds
  • Try a few new techniques for windy styled launching, like the infamous Cobra launch!
  • Fly into Bordeaux airport, drop off/pick up at 1pm.


Cabins at Pyla camping, based on two sharing

Non-flyers and family can come by all means, ask for a quote if you'd like to use our accommodation.

Dune De Pyla paragliding

£695 p/person

Includes accommodation

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South Africa - Wilderness & Porteville 2 Weeks

Having been there for over 10 years South Africa makes for a perfect paragliding holiday. Get some fun flying in the hands of our experienced Guides.

We arrive Capetown and spend a night in Hermanus for the evening, the following day we hit Wilderness, offering a mix of abundant coastal flying at its best and some inland thermic sites. Perfect for dusting off your gear and Winter blues and cranking up some airtime.

Next on to Porterville, It's a massive ridge offering regular Xc potential and an international flavour of visiting pilots, it s a fab spot to get real height and there's a ridge to follow to make your first Xc´s.

  • Who Can Come? - Almost any, Wilderness is just perfect for everyone as a great low air timer area. Porterville will see you making your first XC flights
  • 7 nights in Wilderness, with a choice of  12 great flying sites
  • 6 nights in Porterville
  • Fabulous climate, great flying, great food and super safe
  • The Best Brais in Porterville!
  • Brilliant Xc flying in good company and safe hands


£1250 p/person

2 wk inc accommodation, retrieve, transfers and guiding.

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Colombia, South America

The aim is to arrive en-mass on the 2nd February and fly until the 16th ... our plan is to fly 3 or 4 areas around Colombia for some serious thermalling  Xc - flying and fill our boots with airtime.

This is an outstanding winter trip, we've been there five times over the last seven years when Northern Europe is still dark and cold! Our winter fortnight trip abroad will be all about thermalling and Xc. A change in Colombian politics and a huge boost in tourism has meant it is now super safe and offers great Xc routes, well-trodden by the recent world championships. There should be abundant opportunity to get some Xc flying at every opportunity and get to know what is one of the most friendly and beautiful countries in South America.

The driver has a Gps so you can phone or radio in your position and he'll track you down, the accommodation can often be farm houses boasting pool and BBQ facilities. Breakfast will be included in most places you just need to find lunch and dinner.

Who can come? - You don't have to be too experienced to come, our first base is Peidechince, its a haven for new pilot learning the skills of Thermalliing. You'll be joining the XC dots in no time with two FlySpain Instructors on hand to guide you. 

  • Reliable South American weather for outstanding flying abroad over winter
  • Superb First Xc possibilities
  • Full Aircon retrieve vehicle and driver on hand
  • Two weeks of glorious winter paragliding
  • Colombian Tour of world famous flying sites
  • Avoid most of February and take to the Skies with us
  • Fully supported Xc trackers
  • Full air to air coaching with two stunning guides
  • More airtime & flying than you can shake a stick at!
  • Save £100 off if you've been a FlySpain Frequent flyer

£1,425 p/person

Includes Guiding, transfers, B&B, full retrieve

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