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Paragliding Guided XC Weeks

Algodonales has everything any guided paraglider pilot might want on their paraglider holiday:

  1. Reliable weather
  2. Easy access to a mixture of great flying sites 
  3. Great infrastructure, from full retrieve to Xc Trackers
  4. A wonderful traditional Spanish Village with cheap eating and post flying fiestas!

FlySpain has guided here in Algodonales for 15 years. Whether you have 25 or 2000+ hours, our great value guided paragliding holidays are all about getting you the best opportunity to fly long into the evening.

Who does it suit?

Current Pilots with more than 25 hrs or are very current in their flying with reasonable ground skills should come on our Guided Xc Paragliding weeks. We've also added a route package that you can now download on arrival plus we'll lend you a FlyMaster tracker for the week while you are here.

  • What can I expect? - Friendly launches, big landing fields, Instructors on hand
  • Full Xc tracker retrieve
  • Daily Met briefings
  • Site Briefings and route planning
  • Air to Air coaching and guiding with our team of top pilots
  • Post-flight briefing using tracklogs
  • Our Aims for your week -
  • Boost your Airtime, break personal bests, joining the dots and some exciting XC kilometres
  • Improve Thermalling in perfect learning and flying conditions

What do you need?

Complete set of Pg equipment, 2 mtr radio & vario

  • How often do they run? - From September through till July
  • When is the best time to come paragliding? - From high bases to long soaring days all year round
  • When do they run - Saturday to Saturday

For a great value guided holiday - Just turn up with your glider and fly!

I'm Low Airtime? - No Problem See Below

£550 p/week

Including Accommodation, transfers*, guiding & retrieve

Check availability

Flymaster Trackers unique to FlySpain holidays, great for safety and retrieve - Perfect for debriefing

Club Pilot Mentor Plus

Learning doesn’t stop at school 

A Holiday based on building your confidence not battering it. FlySpain pioneered the Club Pilot Mentor Plus holidays here some five years ago. It’s aimed at rusty or low airtime pilots looking to build airtime, build confidence and learn new skills. 

Why Pilot Mentor program?

Unlike other guides, we will assign you an instructor who will work with you from Day 1 specifically to your flying needs. This ties in well with the BHPA pilot development program, but we've also put together a thermal syllabus which you can also work through while you're here.

  • Who does this suit? - (Cp + or Para P2/3) Newly qualified to rusty pilots 
  • What can I expect? - Friendly launches, big landing fields, instructors on hand and time spent polishing your ground handling. Tips and tricks to give you confidence when you go back home plus work through our very own Thermalling 101 syllabus
  • Aim of the week - Boost airtime and confidence, learn how to thermal in perfect learning and flying conditions
  • Full Daily Met briefings
  • Thermal lectures
  • Post-flight debrief
  • Personal Mentor plan with your instructor
  • Planned goals each day
  • Time set aside for ground handling if needed
  • Learn to control your glider on Launch and In flight
  • Learn to thermal, track and map climbs
  • Learn how to find second climbs
  • Get in-flight air to air coaching
  • Fly with more confidence
  • How often do they run? - 2-3 weeks per month from September untill June.
  • When is the best time to come paragliding? - From high bases to long soaring days... all year round
  • When do they run - Saturday to Saturday
  • What do I need - Complete set of Pg equipment, including a 2-meter Radio 

If you are unsure what course would be most suitable then do drop us a line, we are here to help!

New for 2018:  Buy an hours tandem flight with your guide.

They'll take you up in the middle of the day and work specifically on both flying, thermalling technique and decision making. To buy a tandem flight, simply add it to your booking whilst putting in your flight details in the manage booking area

£695 p/week

Including accommodation, transfers and 6 days coaching

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