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Advanced SIV Paraglider Training

Boosting your skills and confidence

Pilotage & SIV (Turkey)

SIV & Pilotage with Niall (Turkey)

The Course is a week of intensive training with four days reserved for manoeuvres and two days for thermalling, xc or free-flying, depending on conditions.

The course starts with a detailed safety briefing and a synopsis of the week's exercises. Once we've checked through your equipment, gone for an orientation flight, the course will start in earnest. Each day will have two flights. After a morning flight, you'll have a debrief, a quick lunch and it will be up again for the second flight.

This will give you the opportunity to practice the previous exercises, as well as progressing to the next. The debriefing session in the evenings allows for a more detailed and personal commentary on your performance, improvements and next steps.

The initial flights will focus on gaining confidence in your wing. You will quickly understand the relationship between pendulum forces, speed and energy, so you are comfortable at building up to more fun and exciting manoeuvres, like accelerated deflations and descent techniques.

  • The Venue, Oludeniz is located on the south-east Turkish coastline
  • The take-off is at 6500 ft from Baba Dag (Father Mountain).
  • After a 10 min glide, you’ll still have 4000 ft to play with above the sea
  • Confidently know how much brake to pull without spinning or stalling
  • Get confident dealing with all types of deflations
  • Learn to recognise the point of stall and Spin
  • Learn and practise valuable Descent techniques like B line and entry & exit from Spiral Dive
  • Learn the subtitles of Pitch and roll control to improve your thermalling technique
  • This is the best place I know in the world for this sort of flying.
  • Your instructors for the week are Niall & Rob


Tailormade with FlySpain

We want you to improve on a sensible curve, there's no pressure to complete a task just because the guy in front is keen, get the basics dialled, brim with confidence and understanding and then move on.

We don't provide accommodation In Oludeniz as there are some good package deals for hotel and flight. We will organise:

  • Lifts up the mountain
  • Rescue boat
  • Life jackets
  • Full debrief and lectures
  • Forest taxes are changeable and payable by yourselves. As is lunch and dinner and celebratory drinks!

Open to Paramotor pilots and free flyers alike

If you've any questions about the course - just email

The dates shown on the calendar are Arrival and Departure dates only.

The course starts the following morning. i.e. our calendar EP course dates 4-10 march. Arrive with us on Sunday 4th to settle in, the course starts early on Monday. The course finishes on Friday evening, your departure travel day being Saturday 10th.

Courses vary,  such as the Zero to Hero ppg course, Please check dates carefully. 

If you arrive outside those times we can help organise either a taxi or point you to a bus or car rental.

Spain courses:

The shuttle is at the airport at 1pm on your day of arrival. Please aim to land by 12:30 to be clear of the airport building by 1pm (Spanish time). On departure day (Saturday) it leaves the village at 11am and drops off at the airport for 1p.m. Flights leaving after 15:00 give plenty of time to check-in. If you can't coordinate your flights within these times, alternatively grab a taxi or hire car.

Turkey Course: No Free Shuttle

Airport transfers, typically everyone arrives at slightly different time in to Dalaman, there is a shuttle that runs fairly regularly to Oludeniz, or you can get a cheap 30-50 euro taxi, we might be able to organise a joint pick up (shared fare with others nearer the time)



Arrival: Saturday

Sunday morning briefing and course overview and discussion and kit check.

Sunday Pm orientation flight

Monday  - manoeuvres - 2 flights

Tuesday  - manoeuvres - 2 flights

Wednesday  - manoeuvres - 2 flights

Thursday  - manoeuvres  a la Carte - 2 flights

Friday -  free flight day or catch up depending on weather

Saturday leave


All you need to bring:

  • Glider in fully serviceable condition
  • Harness with adequate back protection. Obviously we fly over water but take off and touch down over land
  • Suitable reserve parachute system that has been checked and repacked within the last 12 months.
  • At least one 2M Radio able to receive and transmit from 142.100 up to 146.400, brings a second spare radio if possible
  • You need to find flights to Dalaman, Turkey
  • Accommodation - we’ll give you some suggestions, but everything is fairly close & there are some great flight & accommodation deals offered up by thompson and the like
  • Airport transfers, typically everyone arrives at slightly different time in to Dalaman, there is a shuttle that runs fairly regularly to Oludeniz, or you can get a cheap 50 euro taxi, we might be able to organise a joint pick up (shared fare with others nearer the time)

EP. Beginners Paragliding 5 Students with 2 instructors on hand

Club pilot course - 5 Students with 2 instructors on hand

Paramotor Club pilot - 4 with 1-2 instructors on hand.

Zero to hero paramotoring courses - 4 with 1-2 instructors on hand.

Zero to hero paragliding courses - 1-1 tuition 

Siv courses - 8 pilots to 2 instructors

Siv Turkey - 8-12 pilots to a course

Guided weeks - 7 pilots with 2 instructors coaching and full Gps tracking

During Covid we are NOT taking any deposit or payment prior to arrival. Payment is due upon arrival only.


Deposits are required to guarantee a place on either tuition or holiday weeks, this should be paid via our online booking system. 

Deposits are our commitment to you to run the course regardless of numbers, so no danger of us cancelling last minute

Can you bring Cash? - Yes of course, just let  us know

Your balance: Your balance can be paid on arrival in pounds, euros or credit card.

Cancellations: Deposits are strictly non-refundable. Cancellations less than a month before the course or failure to attend a course or holiday will mean the full payment of the place to be paid. We try and keep our course and holiday numbers sensible so as to achieve the great results that we do, therefore numbers are strictly limited. Please make sure you buy holiday insurance that will cover you for unforeseen cancellations or postponements.


Paraglider pilots from beginner to experienced, the best courses cater to the individual. We have been doing that in Spain and worldwide for years, if you have any queries just email for a consultation as what suits you best.


Spain courses:

Accommodation, airport transfer, boat tow fees, coaching etc,  tow equipment to allow you to do that.

Turkey courses:

  • Transport to launch on SIV manoeuvres days
  • A safety boat in the water at all times
  • Wet bags for radio’s
  • Life jackets
  • Full expert tuition
  • Pre and post flight briefings
  • Optional daily debrief using HD video footage

What is not -

  • Accommodation
  • Forestry fees
  • Radios

Yes a two meter radio.

Bring a spare if you have one. If the course is in Algodonales we often keep spares, bt In Turkey we travel light

725€ p/person

The course fee is £630 includes coaching, life jackets and transport up the mountain but not Forestry taxes

Check availability