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FlySpain our relationship with the locals

FlySpain parahawking experience flights and tandems

Since we first flew in Algo, some 15 years ago we were smitten by the beauty of the area and most importantly the availability of wildlife that you could fly with. Just the other day on a tandem course I flew with a pack of about 30 on the westerly side of Mogote. The pleasure of flying with these uniques birds never gets dulled!

Turning wingtip to wingtip with a local Griffin is just magic, to get that same experience I've had to travel to Nepal and the Himalayas - all good of course but it reminds me time and time again how lucky we are. We mostly now fly with Egyptians vultures and the Eurasian Griffon vulture, all have been and still are on the endangered list.  

Parahawking tandem bird of prey experience with FlySpain

These birds have been under threat mostly through poor land management and excessive use of drugs like diclofenac in cattle and poor education in rural areas.

Good News

However, the population of Griffins in Algo is now up to a staggering 300 pairs thriving around and an equally big population of visiting pilots. Visiting pilots get the chance to thermal with these great birds whenever the Sun is out.

A new Chapter, bringing pilots closer to their flying soulmates

A year or two ago we ran a trip in Nepal and met Scott and Anita Mason of the Parahawking project in Pokhara, since then we have formed a great relationship and now sponsor their latest project here in Algodonales, bringing further awareness and education of these lovely birds to the masses.

Scott and Anita Mason of the Parahawking project

We've been involved from day one with Scott and his birds from simple solo flights to the tandem experience that Scott alone has perfected.

Since arriving in April they have been training two American Black Vultures here in Algodonales, you can now buy a Parahawking flights with these amazing birds when you visit.

Whynot treat your self or your partner to a truly unique parahawking flight fight or Brid of Prey experience

We have an item on our webshop if you'd like to book a parahawking experience.  Scott and Anita have now built new aviaries with some Harris hawks for a mix of Bird of prey experiences too. Just check out their website to find out more about the variety of ways you can learn more about birds of prey or include it in your family holiday.

If you'd like to learn to fly  a paraglider so you too can join the locals above Algodonales then see our courses in our learn to fly section